Toot-Toot Animals Advent Calendar Review

This is the first year that we have got Erin proper advent calendars. Last year we made her a book advent as she was a bit too young for chocolate really and I wanted to do something that she would get use out of for a long time. This year Erin has 2 Paw Patrol advent calendars but also the VTech Toot-Toot Animals Advent Calendar. We’ve bought her a few Toot-Toot sets for Christmas so we thought this would be a nice littler starter for her to see if she likes it. At £24.99, this is a more expensive advent calendar than the average one filled with chocolate but there’s so much more in it.

Toot-Toot Animals Advent Calendar Review

The Toot-Toot Animals Advent Calendar comes in a pretty big box so you’ll need a good place to hide it before 1st December. However, I loved that the box looked so exciting and it was really festive and fun as well. The front of the box pulls down to reveal a play scene which you can use with everything inside the advent calendar. You also get one smart point which means any Toot-Toot toys will work with it. This is only something simple but it means the whole advent calendar can be played with more.

Toot-Toot Animals Advent Calendar Review

Toot-Toot Animals Advent Calendar Review

The advent calendar includes 24 play pieces and you can see what is inside on the back of the box. If you want to have a quick look at the advent calendar check out the video below. I purposely didn’t open all of boxes because even though I know what is inside, I want each day to be a surprise.

I’m really so pleased with how good this advent calendar is. I think the price is really reasonable for what you get and the packaging and play mat are a really good idea! I’d definitely look out for this next year as long as Erin still likes this kind of thing.
What advent calendars have you and your children got this year? 
Disclaimer: We received products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. 

15 thoughts on “Toot-Toot Animals Advent Calendar Review”

  1. We’ve bought E an advent calendar that we can reuse each year, but I love the idea of these types of calendar that offer more than just chocolate.

  2. Well that’s certainly a twist on the norm. I’m not sure I’d be happy with the lack of chocolate though lol!

  3. ahh this is very cute. I make ours up and fill a material calendar that has pockets with a sweet treat for everyone everyday. With three children in the family, the toy ones are very expensive but lovely

  4. Aww this looks lovely, my son is only 5 but when he was a baby/toddler I don’t remember seeing anything like this about or I would have definitely bought it. There seems to be a lot more options for advents this year which I really like although I feel for parents with 3/4 kids because they are also getting expensive.

  5. aww this is so sweet! I love alternative advent calendars that are more interesting, I wish I had seen this when my eldest was younger, he would have loved it

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