Erin's 23 Month Update!

Erin’s 23 Month Update!

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Well, it’s nearly December and that means Erin is coming up to being 23 months old. Her 2nd birthday is just around the corner and I can’t believe how quick that time has gone. November has flown by and with that, Erin has changed quite a lot!


Since we came back from Center Parcs last month John and I have made a real effort to stick to the same routine when it comes to bed time and nap time. We have really been trying to let Erin get herself off to sleep while drinking her milk instead of us cuddling her while she does that. I think this is helping a lot as she’s realising that she can lay down and drift off on her own without any help from us. Hopefully, this means we can start to reduce the milk she before her naps during the day soon. Erin has been sleeping from whenever she falls asleep until around 7/ 7:30am now but I think a few later nights have helped with that.



Erin is just like me, a chatterbox! This past month Erin seems to have picked up a lot of new words and loved to copy what other people are saying. This means we have to be very careful what we say around her now! She is starting to put more and more words together and really understands what they mean too. I think Erin really loves being able to talk, especially when it means she can tell us something she either wants or doesn’t want. I don’t think small sentences are too far away now and I can’t wait to have a proper conversation with her soon!


We have been very lucky to have been sent some fantastic toys this month and Erin has loved playing with them. Two new shows that Erin loves are In The Night Garden and Twirlywoos so she has really enjoyed getting some toys from these! We’ve had a couple of visits from family this month with my sister staying for a week and then my mum the week afterwards. Erin spends loads of time running around with them and playing with all of her toys! She also loves to do some colouring at the dining table!

Erin's 23 Month Update!


Still a fussy little bugger! Some days Erin can eat like a horse and I have no idea how she eats so much. Other days, she will barely eat anything no matter what I put in front of her. Erin still isn’t very adventurous when it comes to trying new things but I’ve invested in a Yumbox and some vegetable cutters to try and make her meals at least seem a bit more fun!

The Future

This month we went into the nursery Erin will be attending next year to sort out when her first days will be and to talk over any concerns I had. Erin loved being there and very quickly ran off to play with the nursery staff but she did keep coming back to me and wanting to show me what she’d been doing. I think Erin is really going to love nursery and be so excited at all of the different things there is to do each day but we have also never left her with people for very long. She’s only ever once had a babysitter and even then she was only 8 months old so doesn’t remember. I worry she won’t understand where her Mama is or why I’m not there when she asks for me.

Things Erin has loved this month:

Yumboxes are fantastic for helping to make lunch fun for children. The classic box comes with 5 different compartments to help make sure children get a bit of everything they need within a meal!

I think Erin’s new In the Night Garden Twinkling Lullaby Igglepiggle Soft Toy might just be one of her absolute favourites. She goes to sleep with him every night now and also at nap time. 

The Twirlywoos Musical Statues Dancing Plush Great BigHoo is so much fun! He has a game mode or just sings the theme tune if you want him to. Erin plays with Great BigHoo while we watch the show and also on his own.


Erin's 23 Month Update!

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  1. My son is 3 and a hugely fussy eater too, I sympathise! He’s the same – some days he’ll eat loads and other days hardly anything. I don’t tend to stress about it, but I do wish he’d eat a healthier variety of things. The Yumbox sounds great – I’m off to check it out!

  2. Aww she’s really cute. My son has just turned 5 and I ave no idea where the time went, I hate to sya it doesn’t slow down! I feel for parents with fussy eaters, I am so lucky that my little one has always eaten everything and anything. I hope she has a lovely birthday next month.

  3. Awww, Erin looks like such a sweetie. She’s making fab progress. I love that she is a chatterbox! It’s never a bad thing to be.

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