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Trialing A Cleaning Schedule

My sister has been living with us for the past 7 months and while we loved having her here, we are glad to have our space back. Having an extra person live with us, actually 2 people for a little while, meant having ‘stuff’ everywhere and our spare room taken over. We haven’t really felt like we have had a good routine going for some time now but now that we have the house to ourselves again, we’ve decided to trial a cleaning schedule.

John works full time, often 6 days a week and I work from home. While I am at home a lot more than John, I am either working or home with Erin so we’ve tried to come up with a plan to make sure we’re doing an equal share of the cleaning. The plan we have come up with isn’t split into jobs for each of us separately but everything spread out over a week.

This will be the second week that we are trying with this cleaning schedule. We have already amended it a bit from week 1 because some things just didn’t work right. Some days we were trying to do too many big jobs and there ended up not being enough time in the day.

I know we have probably missed off some important jobs but for now, I just can’t think of them. It’s a good thing I can change this as and when we need to if something isn’t working out for us. I feel like we’ve really neglected some of the bigger jobs over the past few months basically because we just haven’t made the time. Hopefully, this way will mean us being able to get everything done now without spending hours cleaning everything at once. Next up is trying to meal plan again!

Do you have a cleaning routine? Have you noticed anything we’re missing on ours? 

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