Middleton's Steakhouse and Grill, Norwich

Trying The New Spring Menu At Middleton’s Steakhouse And Grill, Norwich

AD: We received a discounted meal for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own.

Since I moved to North Norfolk back in 2013 I have heard nothing but great things about Middleton’s Steakhouse & Grill in Norwich. There are restaurants in other locations too so make sure you check the website for details. For some reason though we had never gotten around to eating there but when I found out they had a brand new spring menu, I was determined to give it a try.

This past Bank Holiday we were lucky enough to have family visiting so we thought it would be a great idea to have a day out in Norwich and finally try Middleton’s for our first meal together since Christmas! Middleton’s can be found on Timber Hill so it’s easy enough to get to from the train station and bus stops and there’s plenty of parking options close by.

Middleton's Steakhouse and Grill, Norwich

Middleton’s opens at 12pm and this is when our table was booked for. Even though we arrived early the doors were open and we were able to sit down in our corner booth. Now, we were lucky that a fire door was open as the main door is not step-free and I would have struggled a little bit with Erin in the pushchair especially as she had fallen asleep about 15 minutes earlier and I didn’t want to wake her up. We were sat at the back of the lower level of the restaurant which is right near the kitchen. I loved that you could see the chefs at work and also see the food on the pass when it was ready.

Middleton's Steakhouse And Grill, Norwich

The menu at Middleton’s is really fantastic because there is so much choice and surely something for everyone. We are a mix of meat eaters and pescatarians so we were really pleased to see such a wide variety of options and plenty for everyone to choose from. Being a steakhouse there was a large selection of steaks and grill combinations to choose from but there was also seafood, vegetarian and burger sections as well.

Middleton’s also have a set menu on Monday to Friday from 12-6pm and then again on Saturday from 12-5pm where 1 course is £7.95, 2 is £8.95 and 3 is only £9.95. We visited on a Sunday where this isn’t an option but there is a roast dinner available as well. We saw these being served and the Yorkshire puddings were huge and looked really impressive! A children’s menu is also available but as Erin was asleep we didn’t order her anything.

Between us we opted for the following:

Beer battered haddock with fries

Gammon with fries and peas

Seafood mixed grill x2

Salmon with green vegetables + potatoes as an extra side

All of the items come with a choice of 1 side but there are loads to choose from. From fries to vegetables to onion rings and a salad, there is something to go perfectly with every meal on the menu as well as everyone’s personal choice.

Our meals didn’t take very long to arrive at all and they looked delicious! The price of our varied quite a lot as the cheapest was £10.45 with the most expensive being £17.25 but I thought the portions were pretty spot on. However, some meals do come with more than others so be sure to check on the menu what you get. For example, my gammon also came with peas, roasted tomato and a mushroom as well as a side of fries while the salmon fillet only came with the choice of 1 side even though it was more expensive.

Overall, we all really enjoyed our mains. My gammon was cooked to perfection and I was really happy with what I ordered. John and Chris loved their seafood mixed grills and knowing that not a lot of places offer something like this, thought it was great value for money. We only had one negative really and that was that the green vegetables were a bit too greasy having been cooked in butter. My sister poured them on to her plate along with her salmon and extra potatoes and found that the butter ended up covering everything else as well. However, with 5 of us eating, that was only one minor negative and it wasn’t enough to make us send anything back.

Middleton's Steakhouse And Grill, Norwich

Erin woke up just as we were finishing our mains so a few of us decided to order a selection of desserts and share! Between us we had the Creme Brûlée, Banoffee Pie and Chocolate Fondant. Creme Brulee is my absolute favourite and while it was really lovely, the chocolate fondant and banoffee pie were just amazing. The banoffee pie was the best I have ever eaten and I would go back just for another slice!

Not only was our food delicious but the service was also great. Our server didn’t know we were there to review the new menu so we weren’t given any kind of special treatment at all. We were asked on several occasions if everything was okay and if we needed anything else/ more drinks. We never felt rushed at any point and there was a really lovely relaxed Sunday atmosphere in the restaurant.

I am gutted that it has taken us this long to eat at Middleton’s and I cannot wait to go back again already. I think we’ll definitely be taking advantage of the set menu when we’re next able to get into the city for a meal!


Trying The New Spring Menu At Middleton's Steakhouse And Grill, Norwich





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