Twirlywoos Musical Statues Great BigHoo Review

Twirlywoos Musical Statues Great BigHoo Review

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Twirlywoos is one of Erin’s newest favourites to watch and she absolutely loves the theme song. As soon as it comes on the television she starts singing about Quacky Birds and bopping around. I think Twirlywoos gives Paw Patrol a run for it’s money in terms of favourites now. So, when we were asked to review the Twirlywoos Musical Statues Great BigHoo I had to say yes!

Musical Statues Great BigHoo comes with two features, musical statues and dancing mode. Each feature is controlled by BigHoo’s hands so pressing one will make him sing and dance!

When I first showed Great BigHoo to Erin, she just wanted to cuddle him and she didn’t really understand what he was far. The first time we used the dance mode Erin immediately ran to the couch, sat down and cuddled him and wanted to watch Twirlywoos on the television.

Twirlywoos Musical Statues Great BigHoo Review

Trying out the musical statues mode for the first time did not really go as I had planned. Erin kept wanting to pick BigHoo up and walk around with him, rather than let him dance. I danced with Erin quite a few times to show her how to play musical statues and she thought me posing in certain ways was hilarious. Now that we’ve had BigHoo a little while she does understand him better and loves to play with him properly now.

The Twirlywoos Musical Statues Great BigHoo is suitable for children aged 10+ months but I actually think this is a bit too young. Erin is 23 months old and it took her quite a bit of time to really be able to play with him properly. While I think a 10 month old would love the music and the movement, they won’t really be able to play with him at this age.

GoldenBear Toys have a fantastic range of Twirlywoos toys and I can’t wait to get some more for Erin. I think she would especially like a Quacky Bird or a Peekaboo!

22 thoughts on “Twirlywoos Musical Statues Great BigHoo Review”

  1. This blue character looks so cute!!! I have never heard of it but what a fun game and it makes you dance! Love it! Erin looks to have so much fun with it too!

  2. What a great way to introduce kids to musical statues! I do agree though that 10 month olds won’t really get the idea until they’re older. I’m glad Erin is enjoying him though!

  3. Aww I think this Twirywoo toy looks cute and a bit different from both other cuddlies. I think the musical statues is a great idea. I wonder if my niece and nephew would like one!! Erin looks like she loves it!

  4. It’s so funny how you just have no idea about kids trends as you get older. I still think kids watch Teletubbies! Haha! This is super cute though, It’s good to educate myself on these things so I can be top auntie at Christmas when I rock up with one of these.

    Katie xoxo

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