Sea Life Great Yarmouth jellyfish

Under the sea at Sea Life Great Yarmouth

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On a day out a couple of weeks ago we started with a trip to Sea Life Great Yarmouth. Although we had been before a few times it had been quite some time especially with Covid meaning it had been closed for a while. This year at school Erin had been learning about sharks so she couldn’t wait to go back so she could see them again.

For our visit we had to book tickets online and choose a time slot for entry. These were every 10 minutes so there was plenty of options and even though it was a Saturday, all of the slots were available when I booked. We got the bus into Great Yarmouth and it was a 15-20 minute walk to Sea Life so I made sure I’d left plenty of time before our time slot. If you’re walking anywhere with children it’s always best to leave a bit of extra time just in case.

Sea Life Great Yarmouth fish

Entry was really nice and easy and all we had to do was show our tickets and get them scanned. There was only a couple of people in the queue behind us and it was nice to not feel rushed to get through the entrance. We have been before when there have been so many people in this area and it always felt too cramped and overcrowded but not any more.

Sea Life Great Yarmouth jellyfish

The feeling of having more space carried on for (mostly) the rest of our visit. We were able to walk around and look at everything in a really relaxed manner without feeling like we had to move on quickly because someone else wanted to be where we were. There are some really popular areas in Sea Life such as the shark tunnel but even here it was nicely spaced out and we could take our time.

Sea Life Great Yarmouth

Speaking of the shark tunnel, Erin wanted to sit outside of this and watch the sharks for a while which was easy because there are some steps. While we were there, a member of staff was there and she told Erin loads of cool things about sharks and even gave her some temporary tattoos to take home. This little extra really made Erin’s day.

Sea Life Great Yarmouth tunnel

Another area we all really enjoyed was the touching pool as this was something we’ve never been able to do before. This was the only area during our visit that quite busy and there was a fair amount of people waiting for a turn. However, we still didn’t feel like we had to rush and Erin got to do and touch everything that she wanted to. There was the opportunity to touch sea urchins, ray eggs, shells etc. and it was a great learning opportunity for children (and adults) as the man working that area on the day was really knowledgable!

Sea Life Great Yarmouth touching pool

Our visit to Sea Life Great Yarmouth was so much fun and it was a way for us all to get involved. I think if we’d had more time we would have stayed to have lunch in the cafe and then gone round again so this is something to bare in mind if you are thinking of going but making other plans during the day too.

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat, Sara’s Tearooms is located in Pleasure Beach gardens and this is something you could do after your visit.

Sea Life Great Yarmouth is open daily from 9:30 to 5pm (last entrance at 4pm)*

*Correct as of 22nd July 2020.


Under the sea at Sea Life Great Yarmouth

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