Ways To Improve Your Home and Increase It’s Value

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When you bought your family home, you probably had loads of improvement ideas, but with busy family life, these may have fallen by the wayside.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to finally update your home’s interior, here are some ways you can make improvements, while also increasing value – handy when it comes time to move!

Kitchen Updates

Whether you’re strapped for time and cash, or have set aside a big budget, the kitchen is a great place to improve your home and add value.

Budget DIY kitchen updates: Repaint cupboards or go for an industrial look by covering with pallets, add extra storage with rustic shelving, or increase worktop and seating space with a handmade kitchen island.

Bigger projects: You could consider an open plan dining kitchen. Open plan is practical and increasingly popular, especially with families, so it’s a good option all round!

Bathroom Makeover

Your bathroom is an important space, but it’s also an area that can seriously add to – or diminish – your home’s value. Fortunately, there are loads of improvements you can make!

Budget DIY bathroom ideas: make your bathroom feel more expensive with a DIY bath panel cover, increase storage by adding shelves around the door frame or above the toilet, update your towels, or add a full-sized wall mirror to make a small bathroom feel bigger.

Bigger projects: With a larger budget, you could retile your bathroom, upgrade to brass (including taps and shower head), or invest in a statement bath.

Landscaping Ideas

Having a home with a garden is a luxury, but something many of us take for granted. However, outside space can improve your home’s worth – it’s all about styling.

Landscaping on a budget: Simply adding some paint, putting up accessories (mirrors and fairy lights look amazing in a garden), cutting the grass and adding some plants can turn any garden from drab to fab! You can always ask Riverside tree and garden experts if you need any specific advice or help with what you want to do in the garden.

Bigger projects: If you really want to make the most of your garden, you could hire a professional landscaper, add a raised decked area to create a beautiful entertainment space, or install bifold doors to open your living space into your garden.

Chic Neutrals

Finally, your home is an important space to you and your family, so it’s only right that you should want it to feel stylish and personal. But going overboard with colours and patterns can reduce its value.

Going neutral doesn’t have to be boring. Instead, use greys, mochas, rusts, and olive-inspired shades that will add to your home’s warmth and make the interior flow.

Finding the time to improve your home can be difficult. Try these ideas to boost your property while also increasing its resale price.


Ways To Improve Your Home and Increase It's Value


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