Ways To Surprise Your Son Or Daughter At University

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Leaving home and heading to University is a massive milestone for both parents and children (they will always be children regardless of how old they are!) but by sending little surprises every so often it will help remind them that you’re there for them.  Here are our tried and tested surprises that might even elicit a little tear from your little one! 

Book a train ticket home for them

This may not sound like much but booking them a train ticket home for a special occasion like a birthday or Christmas is a great way to surprise them. And booking their train in advance could mean mega savings too! Send the email confirmation to their email address, along with a little note. 

Invest in a tastecard

Students aren’t renowned for their culinary abilities, and sometimes you want to know they’ve enjoyed a nutritious meal. Surprising them with a tastecard is a great little gift that they can enjoy throughout the year – and will also save them money too. 

Opt for a cinema membership

Surprising your son or daughter with a cinema membership is a great little gift. Most university cities and towns have a cinema whether it’s a multiplex chain or an independent. Cinema memberships are a great way to save money, and many cinemas now incorporate cool cafes and bars.  

Central cinema

Send a care package

An oldie but a goodie. Sending a care package full of their favourite things is a simple way to surprise your children when they’re away at university. Include their favourite foods, magazines or books, an item of clothing they might have left at home and of course a handwritten letter. Using a delivery service like Parcel2Go means you won’t have the hassle of heading to the Post Office either. 

Book a weekend away 

Booking a post-exam trip is a thoughtful surprise – and a gift for you too! Whether you book a spa break, or cultural weekend away, they can be an inexpensive way to spend some time together making memories. You can send clues like passport covers and luggage tags in the post, as well as miniatures like deodorants and toothpastes to increase the anticipation and intrigue – of course, they may also think you’ve gone a little mad since they’ve left home! 

Watch them in a game

If they play for a team surprise them by going to one of their games. Most universities publish their fixtures, but a simple phone call with some probing questions the week before means you’ll have enough time to organise a spontaneous trip to see them. You could even take them out for dinner after. Similarly, if they’re in a band, go to one of their concerts. They’ll be thrilled by your support. 

Whether your son or daughter is in their first or final year at University, surprising them throughout the year is a sweet and simple way to show you’re thinking of them.


Ways To Surprise Your Son Or Daughter At University

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