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Why Puerto Pollensa Is A Great Destination For Families

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Last year we went on our first holiday abroad as a family. For something like this there was quite a lot of research involved as I wanted to make it really special and to make sure there was something for all of us. Our needs as a family of three were really quite simple though. All we wanted was some sun, a pool and good food but picking something without really knowing what to look for is hard. We finally decided on Puerto Pollensa in Majorca and we had such an amazing time and we thought it was really a fantastic location for families and here’s why:


At the time, Erin was just over 2 years old and had never flown before. We didn’t know how she would cope with the flight or if she would even enjoy it. One of the reasons why we chose a holiday in Puerto Pollensa was the location. A flight from London to Palma is just over 2 hours which is a good time for a young child. Also, the transfer time from Palma airport to Puerto Pollensa was roughly an hour. These lengths of time were just about right for Erin without her getting too bored, annoyed or grumpy. I’m not sure she would have been happy with anything much longer.

Erin's first flight

Where to stay

For our first holiday abroad we chose to stay in an all-inclusive hotel. This was mostly due to us not knowing much about the area and we thought it would be easier for a 2 year old. While that was a good choice for us personally at the time it’s not what I would choose for us now.

Having a bit more experience of the area and knowing what we need from accommodation I think Villas in Puerto Pollensa would be a much better option for us. Erin needs her own bedroom ideally, space to move around and of course, having a pool would be something we would get a lot of use out of. Clickstay (who have over 75,000 properties worldwide) have a great range of villas and apartments to rent in Puerto Pollensa, ranging from 1 bedroom properties to villas suitable for large families.

Villa in Puerto Pollensa
Image courtesy of Clickstay.com

When to visit

Families with young children might like to take advantage of booking outside of school term times to make the most of lower prices. We visited around 16th April, which was just after Easter at the time, and we stayed for just over a week. At this time of year we had temperatures of around 20ยฐC most days and a lovely breeze. The temperature was comfortable enough for Erin without her getting too hot at any point but it was also nice enough for me to lay on a sun lounger and relax in the sun.

However, while we were lucky to visit early the hotel we stayed in classed this as being out of season. Air conditioning wasn’t turned on anywhere in the hotel as they only offer it during the ‘hotter’ months. This is another reason why we would look into hiring a villa for a revisit to Puerto Pollensa. I get very hot at night and a villa would give me amenities that a hotel doesn’t have.

What to do

Puerto Pollensa has miles of beautiful beach and that was a big selling point for us. Every day we were able to take a short stroll down the promenade to the beach to play on the sand, paddle in the sea and also play at the parks. We were so surprised that there were play areas right on the beach as I’ve never seen this before. Erin really loved finding new parks every day and she loved having other children to play with too.

Just in front of the main church in Puerto Pollensa you can find a wonderful market every Wednesday. We loved walking around looking at all of the stalls and discovering some really lovely local produce. The market was so colourful and vibrant and Erin really loved seeing what treasures she could find. We also found everyone to be really friendly and in high spirits too during our visit.

Puerto Pollensa Market

If you fancy venturing a little further afield then there are various options for day trips from Puerto Pollensa. We didn’t do this as we were quite happy where we were but you could go to the Caves of Drach, Palma, a tour of the island by boat or even to see an evening show somewhere.

I really can’t recommend Puerto Pollensa highly enough. We fell in love as soon as we got there and the whole trip was enjoyable for everyone. We’re already looking to see if we can go back at some point because we liked it so much there. 


Why Puerto Pollensa Is A Great Destination For Families

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