How to make your home cosy this autumn

How to make your home cosy this autumn

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Although I’m sad to see the end of summer, it now means autumn is here. I love when the leaves turn shades of gold and scarlet and you can crunch them under your feet as you walk! What better way to celebrate autumn than by giving your home a cosy makeover? In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of autumn home decor, and give you some ideas to make your home the perfect place to relax in.

Colour Schemes to Die For

One of my favourite things about autumn is the colour palette. Everywhere you go you see warm, inviting colours. Surround yourself with deep oranges, rustic browns, and rich burgundies. To add some colour at home you could consider repainting a room or adding autumn-inspired throw pillows and curtains to infuse these cosy hues into your space.

Control the light

Something I think a lot of us will dislike about autumn is the darker nights and mornings. There’s also those strange times of day when the light can hit wrong and you end up feeling blinded.

A great way to add something special to your home this autumn is with new Plantation shutter blinds. Not only will you be able to control the light coming into each room but if you choose a full-height option, it can also help with your energy bills. By covering the window, the heat is kept in better than without the shutters.

Use the fire to warm up

There’s not much better than getting cosy by a real fire during a cold, autumn day. Unfortunately, a lot of home don’t come with real fire places any more and they’re not alway very practical. Although they might not give you the heat you might want, televisions can show now off an impressive fire scene thanks to videos! Wrap up in a blanket and watch the fire without any of the risks!

Texture Galore

Nothing says warm and cosy like being snuggled into a luxurious throw on the couch. Add in some fluffy cushions, plush rugs and soft bedding and you’ll be ready for that colder weather. I personally love waking up in the morning and putting my feet onto a super soft rug, knowing that my feet aren’t going to get cold.

Natural Elements

There’s no reason why you can’t decorate your home based on the season. Autumn is the perfect time to use things from the natural world. You could use things link pinecones, dried leaves or acorns if you’re feeling creative. Alternatively, add some great house plants to add something extra to each room in your house.

Make use of candles

Candles can be a fairly cheap and effective way of making a room feel super cosy on a cold, autumn evening. Candles don’t have to cost a fortune unless you like the more expensive brands and they come in all different kinds of scenes. Pumpkin Spice is a popular scent at this time of year however, you can get anything you prefer. For me, it’s usually vanilla or lavender.

Replenish your book supply

One of the things that I associate with a cosy home is being snuggled up with a good book. By now, you’ll have already added lovely candles and soft throws to your living room so make sure you can enjoy it! Replenish your book supply and have a great pile of books ready to read this autumn. Maybe visit your local library or charity shops for cheap and free books.

Fill up spare wall space

Empty rooms can make them feel cold and uninviting, especially during the colder months. If you have rooms with a lot of spare wall space, consider adding something to them. Wall art is the perfect choice here, as you can choose something that suits your space. The great thing with wall art is that you can change what’s in a frame depending on the season.

Autumn is a magical season filled with warmth, comfort, and endless decorating possibilities. This is definitely the time to get creative, adding in rich colours, textures and natural elements to your home. Happy decorating!

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