What to do in Mykonos over a weekend!

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Whether you feel like joining a non-stop party scene, lavish lifestyle, cosmopolitan vibe, or become one with a magnificent destination that welcomes with spellbinding seascapes, mouth-watering tastes, sugary shores, crystalline waters, award-winning wines, and superb sunset views, you definitely can’t go wrong with Mykonos.

Indeed, the Island of the Winds has it all and can certainly please even the most discerning visitor. Even if you are only here for a weekend, the Queen of the Cyclades will surely steal your heart, capturing your very soul with her irresistible magnetism forever! Here are some tips and ideas to help live the most rewarding Mykonos experience in 48 hours!

  1. Stroll Around the Chora and Old Port

The scenic, cobblestone, winding streets of the island’s capital (aka Mykonos Town or Chora) greet visitors with picturesque whitewashed, cube-like houses, milky, blue-domed chapels, and lots of shops, cafes, bars, tavernas, restaurants, street food canteens, and clubs to entertain yourself in any way you can possibly imagine. 

Besides the unbeatable sense of romance and Old-world charm, though, Mykonos Town is also home to the quaint Little Venice region, as well as a wonderful harbour, both caressing the senses with stunning panoramas of the Mediterranean Sea and the Mykonos coastline. In fact, every single alley will lead you somewhere beautiful in Mykonos! 

Do feel free to enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee at a seafront cafe in the Venetian-style Mykonos neighbourhood and admire the delightful, colourful houses-turned-into-cafes-and-bars whose balconies dangle over the water (literally!). Or choose to start your evening adventures here and have a delicious cocktail just before sunset as you pamper yourself with sights of the descending sun that will cut your breath!

Tip: While in Little Venice, the iconic Windmills (just a short walk from Little Venice) sitting atop a hill is a sight worth visiting, even for the mind-blowing seascapes and Instagram-perfect sunset views. 

  1. Soak up some warm rays 

Some of the beaches in Mykonos, such as Super Paradise Beach and Paradise Beach, have a reputation that precedes them. If never ending dancing, partying, and drinking is a prerequisite for your seaside adventures, then these two are great options to consider. Both featuring elegant beach clubs throwing the parties Mykonos is legendary for, they also enchant with their panoramas, azure waters, and soft, white sand. Also note that if you choose one of the most popular beaches along the southern coast, expect to be rubbing elbows with celebs and the elite!

Of course, the island provides more than 30 shores along its coastline, each offering a different experience, depending on your needs and desires. So, you’ll find from elegant Paraga beach and its comfy cabanas to more secluded and private options, like Agia Anna, Kalafatis, and Agios Ioannis, to name just a few. Regardless of your selection, you’ll have plenty of fine sand and myriad shades of blue entertaining your every moment! 

  1. Join a (Beach or not) Party

Mykonos is lively and vibrant throughout the day. However, after sunset (in some venues and locations, even as early as the late-afternoon hours), it slips into its glam and shiny outfit and transforms from a blissful place with a traditional Greek island allure to a loud and dynamic party mecca. Most southern shores get filled with the rhythms sent by international DJs who perform at famous beach clubs, making them ideal for intense night endeavours. 

Now, if you prefer more chilled and relaxed evening hours, places like the Mykonos harbour, Little Venice, and seafront locations like Ornos Bay make the perfect “crime-companions”. In fact, Ornos Bay is also home to world-class resorts and 5-star hotels that provide an impressive range of elite services and facilities, including spa and wellness centres, which bring us to our next suggestion!

  1. Dive Into Total Luxury and Energy-Replenishing Moments

As already said, some top-notch luxury hotels in Mykonos please their guests with wellness and spa services. This means that you can re-energise yourself after a long walking escapade exploring the island and enjoying swimming, sunbathing, and other water adventures, with a spa treatment or a relaxing massage! That alone can be an unforgettable experience, especially if combined with fantastic views of the glistering archipelago and a soothing ambiance. After that, you can gratify your palate with appetising Greek cuisine tastes and flavours, alongside internationally acclaimed wines and champagne labels at the comfort of your sea-facing suite or private villa before you prepare for the exciting Mykonos night out. Amazing in all aspects! 

  1. Final Thoughts

Whether for a weekend or longer, Mykonos is an earthy heaven, no matter what you are looking for. Being an exquisite place to unwind and an equally appealing destination to relight that fire with your partner or spike your adrenaline levels with all sorts of activities and adventures on offer here, the Queen of the Cyclades justifies its royal blood in more ways than one! 

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