What We’ve Been Watching: August 2018

What We’ve Been Watching is a monthly feature where we talk about everything we’ve been watching over the past month. It might be something on Netflix, Sky or even just a DVD we’ve had for years but wanted to watch again. If we’ve been watching something new we’ll talk about that too!

*May contain spoilers so read with caution

Grey’s Anatomy

I know, I know I said I would stop writing about Grey’s Anatomy soon but not quite yet. This month I finished all of the DVDs I had and I also watched series 14 which I had recorded on Sky+. I had a bit of a nightmare though because I somehow recorded the episode before the finale on a HD channel, which we don’t have, so I couldn’t watch it and if you have seen this series you’ll know it’s a BIG episode. I had to watch snippets on YouTube and I wanted to cry.

Now I’m waiting for series 15 to start, hopefully next month, and trying to avoid spoilers in the meantime.


After finishing Grey’s Anatomy I was a bit stuck. I tried a few different things and nothing was really holding my attention like it should have done… until I started to watch GLOW. I’d had this on my to watch list on Netflix since it first started but obviously Grey’s Anatomy took up all of my time.

I can’t even express how much I loved GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling if you didn’t know). I love anything set in the 80s, especially because of the music but this was an 80s masterpiece. GLOW has strong but insanely funny female characters, the most amazing (in a funny, bad way) wrestling costumes and just the most fun on TV. I binge watched both series in the space of a week and I am desperate to know if there’s more.


If you’re a regular reader of these posts you’ll know that I love anything by Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy (AHS, Glee etc.) One of their newest creations is 9-1-1 and I have been waiting a while for this to come on UK television.

9-1-1 is a drama show which follows the lives of Los Angeles first responders; cops, paramedics, firefighters and dispatchers. With cast members like Connie Britton and Angela Bassett I knew this would be great and I was so excited from the very first episode. It had me hooked within the first 2 minutes and I’m loving getting to know the characters and the excitement from the different things that happen each week.

Good Girls

After I finished watching GLOW I wanted to watch something else really funny and Katy from Katykicker suggested Good Girls on Netflix. After reading the description I really wasn’t sure it was for me but it is so funny. Good Girls is about 3 women who are having family problems of one kind or another and they decide to rob a supermarket but it all goes seriously wrong. I’m part way through the series now and I’ve enjoyed every episode so far.


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