13 Reasons Why Series 2: The Good And The Bad

Warning: This post contains major spoilers for 13 Reasons Why Series 2 and talks about sensitive subjects Last year the first series of 13 Reasons Why was released and I watched the whole thing, not really knowing anything about it. I think I got sent a copy of the book when it was first released as I was a book blogger back then but I never got around to reading it. I was then sent another copy when the TV show first aired and again, never got around to reading the book. I’ll be completely honest here and say I

Discover The Beatles With Beat Bugs on Netflix

When it comes to watching television, Erin tends to only watch a couple of shows as she’s super picky and she likes what she likes. When I attended Blog On in September I was blown away by the range of Beat Bugs toys that were on show. Before this, I didn’t know what Beat Bugs even was. If you don’t know either, Beat Bugs is a Netflix original and ‘features five charming and funny child-like bugs who adventure together in an overgrown backyard. Each episode centers around a song made famous by The Beatles.’ There are 2 series streaming now