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Why A Spanish Villa Could Work For Your Next Family Holiday

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I only went on a holiday overseas for the first time when I was 18 and I loved it. A week in Benidorm and the experience of complete freedom was exactly what I needed but it also got me hooked to travelling. Over the years I have been lucky enough to go on some wonderful holidays to places such as New York and Rome. However, now we are a family of three our holiday needs have changed quite a lot and that means looking at different kinds of holiday and accommodation.

Earlier this year we spent just over a week in Majorca and we fell in love with the area. Both during our holiday, and when we returned, John and I have said that we would love to explore more of Spain and the Spanish islands but a hotel might not be the idea accommodation for us any more.

There are plenty of options for accommodation but we have recently been looking into Clickstay villas in Spain. A villa holiday would be completely different for us but there are plenty of reasons why it would work for us as a family, compared to staying in a hotel.

View of Port de Pollensa bay

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Extra bedrooms

As Erin will be 3 in January so can no longer sleep in a travel cot in a hotel room. Unless we want her to sleep with us then we now either have to book a family room or 2 rooms, which ends up more costly overall. I don’t particularly like sleeping in the same room as Erin because between her and John, it can get noisy! Having extra bedrooms would make our sleeping arrangements much easier

Villas can varying numbers of bedrooms and if we opted for a larger villa we could also invite other family members to come with us.


This was the first year that we stayed in a ‘resort’ type holiday and while it was okay, there was certain aspects that I didn’t like. I love to sunbathe and obviously don’t want tan lines where I can help it. Our holiday was slightly out of season and our hotel wasn’t very busy but I still felt quite self-conscious at times and I know I would have done more if it was busier.

A villa holiday would give us a private area outside, with the possibility of a pool as well, where I could sunbathe in a bikini in peace.

Space to spread out

The problem with staying in a hotel is that you have very limited space to spread out. As a family of three I find that we end up with stuff everywhere and we also end up on top of each other all of the time. Having extra space such as a living room or a kitchen would allow us all some of our own space. My issue with holidays sometimes is never really having any alone time and a villa would sort this problem for me.

I think one of the reasons why we haven’t considered a villa holiday before is us not being able to drive but I think planning and location would actually make this possible for us. It’s certainly something to consider for our holiday next year. 


Why A Spanish Villa Could Work For Your Next Family Holiday

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