Britax Holiday Pushchair

Britax Holiday Pushchair Review

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As we are a family who don’t drive we have always had to rely on a pushchair for getting us around with Erin. We love to go away or on holiday but we absolutely hate taking a bigger pushchair with us. If we have to fold it up on the train or in a hotel room we need something as small and easy as possible. We were recently sent the Britax Holiday pushchair to try and here’s what we think of it:

We have had a few pushchairs now and some have been quite a bit more complicated to put together than others. I remember putting together Erin’s first pram and being sat there surrounded by ‘bits’ that I didn’t know what to do with. I was pleasantly surprised at just how simple the Britax Holiday is to put together. Out of the box, all I needed to do was click on 2 of the wheels and the pushchair was ready to go. The instructions are really very simple as well so it’s very quick to get this pushchair going.

The first thing I noticed upon getting the Britax Holiday out of the box was the size. We have had a Babyzen Yoyo+ before which is a very well known travel pushchair and I didn’t think much could rival the folded size.

Britax Holiday folded

Britax Holiday folded

Something I have struggled with before with pushchairs is being able to fold them easily. Some have had buttons and levers to push and pull and it can all get a bit confusing, especially when you have a toddler in the middle of a tantrum. Just underneath each of the handles there is a little piece that you push on both sides and this collapses and unfolds the pushchair. The fold is really simple and can be done in a matter of seconds.

Britax Holiday

As you can see, the Britax Holiday takes up barely any space and it folds up very neatly. The wheels do stick out but this means that you are able to use them to stand the pushchair up if you want to. This is great for hotel rooms where you may have a very small space to fit the pushchair, like the inside of a wardrobe. The pushchair also folds small enough to put in the overhead space on trains so you don’t have to leave it in the luggage racks.

Britax Holiday strap

When folded, the Britax Holiday also has it’s very own carry handle and I think this is such a great feature. It stays out of the way when the pushchair isn’t folded and it means that you can carry it around effortlessly when not in use. When you’re travelling the last thing you need is to be trying to carry around a heavy and bulky pushchair and Britax has definitely thought about that.

We also have the Britax B-Lite as our every day pushchair and the one thing that frustrates me about it is the basket as there is a cross at the back which restricts it’s use. The Britax Holiday doesn’t have this problem though and there is access from three sides. The basket is a lot bigger than I had expected it to be and as a non-driver, I do need a fair bit of space. Even when we are using this on holiday or trips away we like to put shopping in the basket and there is plenty of space and it’s also super easy to get to.

Britax Holiday basket

The Britax B-Lite has a really large hood and it’s one of the things I love about it. Unfortunately, the Britax Holiday’s hood is not the same size and it’s actually quite small. With this being a pushchair designed for travelling I think a slightly larger hood would have been a good idea to help protect children from the sun and to keep it out of their eyes. What I do love about the hood though is that it is so colourful. The Britax Holiday comes in 6 different colours and usually I would go for something quite neutral but this time we have the Aqua Green. The colour can also be seen on the 5 point safety harness.

Britax Holiday

The Britax Holiday doesn’t come with a rain cover as standard but they can be purchased separately on Amazon (link below). The rain cover is only around £18 and I think it’s a good investment especially as the hood won’t really protect anyone in a little rain shower! The rain cover really does do what the name says it should do and that’s to cover the pushchair. Some rain covers we have had in the past haven’t been great and have let rain in all over but this one reaches all the way down to the front wheels. around the sides and covers most of the back of the pushchair too.

Britax Holiday with rain cover

The Britax Holiday is designed for children up to 15k (around 3 years). Erin might be coming up to 3 in January but she’s very small for her age and is only just going into 2-3 year clothing. If you’re looking at the Britax Holiday for a slightly older child like Erin then it would be worth trying this out in a shop first. However, if you’re looking to buy from a younger age then there is plenty of space for children to grow in this one. 

If you fancy a closer look at the Britax Holiday then watch the video below:


Britax Holiday Pushchair Review

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