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Why Caravan Holidays Are Great For Families

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Earlier this year you may have seen that we went on our first ever caravan holiday as a family. I had never stayed in a caravan before and John hadn’t done so since he was a child. I was very really surprised by how much of a good time I had and I certainly wasn’t expecting to want to go back. I know a lot of people might not like the idea of this kind of holiday, just like the old me, so I want to share why caravan holidays are great for families.

Home Comforts

I think the idea I had it in my head of a caravan was something from many years ago. Although I had seen pictures of caravans online I still wasn’t completely sold on what I would be staying in. I guess I was expecting something really small and cramped but that wasn’t what I got on our first caravan holiday at all. Nowadays, caravans can be really spacious and luxurious and ours was like a home away from home. In actual fact, I think some areas of the caravan were a lot nicer than our own home!

Sleeping Options

Depending on the size, a caravan can provide a bed for quite a lot of people. Our 2 bedroom caravan had a double bed, 2 single beds and then a sofa bed in the living area so it was suitable for up to 6 people. The sleeping arrangements can suit families of most sizes or maybe friends that want to holiday together. Not only are there plenty of sleeping options but the beds we had were so comfortable that I wanted to sleep in every day.

Haven Prestige Carvavan Master Bedroom


Growing up next to a coastal town means that when I think of caravan holidays I immediate think to the beach. Our first family caravan holiday was by the coast in Norfolk and with the beach only a short walk away, it was exactly what we needed for a holiday with a toddler. Of course, not all caravan parks are on the coast but there are so many to choose from so there is bound to be one closer to home than you might think.


Caravan parks in the UK are well-known for providing loads of entertainment for children. While it’s great to get some time to relax together, caravan holidays can provide children with activities that they might not have tried before along with shows, dancing, swimming and trips to the beach. Of course, there is entertainment on an evening for adults such as bingo and various shows. I really like that you can do as much or as little as you like and there is sure to be something for everyone.

There are so many different kinds of caravan holidays from a privately owned caravan in Dorset to a caravan in Rockley Park. Whatever kind of caravan you choose and wherever you choose to go, a caravan holiday will be one you’ll always remember.


Why Caravan Holidays Are Great For Families

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