Winter Warmers From Chipmunks Footwear

Disclaimer: We were sent these items for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. 

We live in an old Victorian house with floorboards full of gaps. The house gets really chilly and because of this Erin has really developed a bit of a love for slippers. We have had plenty of pairs since Erin has been able to walk but our favourites by far have been from Chipmunks. The last pair we had were adorable grey bunnies and now we have the wonderful Doey deer slippers.

Doey deer slippers

These adorable slippers come in sizes 4 to 2 (21 to 34) but there is also a slightly different version available for babies from 0-18m. One of the reasons why we love Chipmunks slippers so much is because Erin is able to put them on herself quite easily. These slippers have Velcro tabs on each side that open easily but also stay closed well when you need them to.

Doey deer slippers

The Doey deer slippers have really cute details to them like the stitched spots, eyes and nose as well as the ears that stick out just a little bit. As soon as Erin saw these she was really excited and has worn them every day since. Another great thing about Chipmunks slippers is that they last really well. The only reason we replaced the bunny slippers is because Erin needed a bigger size but otherwise, they still look in perfect condition and that’s not something we can say for other brands we have had.

Dillon deer wellies

One of Erin’s other favourite things is being outside and it doesn’t matter what the weather is like. In fact, I think Erin is happiest when she can get outside in her wellies because she knows she can jump in muddy puddles whenever she likes (thanks Peppa Pig). Much like with the slippers, we were in need of a larger size in wellies to last Erin through the winter and what better than matching products.

Erin wearing Dillon deer wellies

To go with the slippers we chose the Dillon deer wellies which are available from an infant size 4 to a junior size 2. The wellies are really quite roomy and wide in the foot so if your child has quite thin feet then you might want to add an extra pair of socks or maybe insoles to take up a bit of the space. This isn’t a negative though because most wellies are designed this way.

Erin wearing Dillon deer wellies

I love that the Dillon deer wellies come with easy pull on handles so again, these are something that Erin is able to get on and off herself. I think it’s really important to encourage independence and teaching these things to children of Erin’s age and I love that Chipmunks have thought about this as well.

Erin wearing Dillon deer wellies

Erin is now set up for the winter to keep her feet both warm in the house and both warm and dry while we’re outside playing!


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