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Why Is It Important to Flea and Worm Your Pet Monthly?

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Did you know fleas and worms can affect your furry friend all year round? That’s right – even in winter! If left untreated, fleas and worms can cause some nasty complications to your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Regular flea and worm treatment is strongly recommended to help keep your pet and your home parasite-free. Treating your cat or dog should be a monthly practice to help avoid any breaks in the cycle where parasites could take advantage of an unprotected pet.

What happens if I don’t flea or worm my pet?

If you don’t flea or worm your pet, you could be letting yourself in for a whole load of trouble.

Fleas can multiply FAST. After mating, one female flea can lay up to 50 eggs each day. And did you know only 5% of fleas are on your pet? If you’re wondering where the other 95% are – they’re getting cosy in your home. Gulp.

And let’s not forget worms.These pests are particularly sneaky as your furry friend could have an infection but not show any external signs something is wrong until the wrigglers are really well established.  

What are the symptoms of flea and worm infestation?

Think your pet might have fleas? Be on the lookout for the following signs:

  • Scratching
  • Seeing flea dirt in their coat
  • Loss of hair 
  • Scabs
  • Red patches of skin
  • Skin infections

Or if your pet has worms, you may notice the following:

  • Vomiting (check their vomit for visible worms)
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Lethargy
  • Increased appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Diarrhoea with blood
  • Itchy bottom and scooting (scooting is the official term for a pet dragging its rear end along the ground)

What’s the best way to banish fleas and worms?

Regular treatment is the best way to banish these blighters! 

Flea treatment

Most flea treatments only kill the fleas, but Itch Flea’s double action, spot on formula also attacks eggs and larvae too, breaking the flea life cycle and stopping infestation on your pet and in your home. 

Treating with Itch Flea will keep your pet flea-free for up to 8 weeks and will stop ticks for up to 4, kill adult fleas within 24 hours and stop any flea eggs from hatching.

Worm treatment

Worming treatment should be given monthly if your pet eats a raw diet, likes to hunt, or lives with children under the age of 3. If they don’t, treating quarterly should be just fine! 

Itch Wormer kills common intestinal worms. It also prevents newly hatched larvae from growing and multiplying, keeping your pets healthy and your family safe. 

Regular treatment for your pet

We know with the hustle and bustle of daily life, this easy but important task can be easy to forget. Signing up to a monthly subscription service is a great way to keep your best bud flea and worm-free. The pet wellness experts at Itch will send your pet’s treatment in the post each month, so you’ll never forget to treat them again!

Subscribe today and get your first month of Itch Flea FREE (just £1.99 P&P).

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