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Why Is Pet Grooming Important At Home?

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When we bring a pet into our lives, we basically become their parent. No matter how busy we get with work, family life, chores, and every other responsibility we have, you must take the time to groom your pet. While you may think that you can get away with not grooming your pet for weeks at a time, you shouldn’t ever go that long.

If you are unsure of how often you should groom your dog or cat, don’t be afraid to ask your vet for advice. They can tell you exactly how often your specific breed needs to be groomed. However, you can go over this list to learn why pet grooming is important to do at home.

It helps keep your home clean

If you own a dog or a cat, then you already know just how messy they can be. Are you continuously covered in pet hair no matter how much you use a lint roller on yourself? We understand! The good news is that regularly grooming your pet will help to keep your house clean. If you brush and bathe your dog as much as you can, you’ll find fewer hairs all over yourself, your clothes, and even your car! You’ll also keep your furniture and floors cleaner if your dog has regular baths.

You’ll keep their nails trimmed

If you don’t trim your dog’s nails regularly, they can begin to curl in towards the pads on their paws. Your dog will start to have trouble walking when their nails are bent at an uncomfortable angle, which can eventually lead to joint pain. Trimming their nails also keeps them from collecting dirt when they are outside playing and then bringing it into the house. It’s easier than you think to trim your dog’s nails at home when you use the right tools. A nail grinder will work wonders on nails that are long and thick, and they are often easier to use than nail clippers. For most cats, a small pet nail clipper should suffice.

You’ll keep their teeth healthy

If you don’t brush your dog’s teeth, you should. Yes, we realize that it can be hard to pin your dog down and get this particular chore done, but it is an important one that should be accomplished. Ideally, you should brush their teeth at least once or twice daily. However, three times in one week is usually what vets say to aim for if every day is too much of a struggle. Brushing will remove plaque and prevent tartar from accumulating on their teeth. You can also look for broken teeth, swollen gums, or anything else out of the ordinary while you brush.

They’ll see and hear better

Dogs often experience eye discharge. Just like humans, dogs need eye lubrication in order for their peepers to function normally. This often leads to eye gunk build-up in the corners of their eyes. You can use a clean, damp towel to gently wipe away any normal discharge, but keep your eye out for changes in odor or color. If the discharge is excessively watery or turns into a green-yellow pus, it’s time to call your vet.

Additionally, trim the hair around your dog’s eyes and ears as carefully as possible. This helps your pup see and hear clearly and comfortably.

Detect pests before they get worse

Another advantage of regular grooming and bathing is that you’ll have the chance to catch any kind of pest before they have a chance to multiply and get worse. Ticks and fleas love to hide in soft fur, and they aren’t always easy to detect. The more you bathe and brush your dog, the more likely you will see if they have any ticks or fleas hiding on them. Ward fleas off by bathing your best friend in a quality flea soap, and always apply tick powder to their coat to keep ticks from making your dog their new home. You can also buy a flea-and-tick collar for them to wear with their regular collar.

You’ll enjoy bonding time with them

Your pet, especially a dog, will love spending time with you. Grooming them gives you the chance to bond, especially when it involves brushing! Consider a dog grooming glove that slips over your hand and catches all of the flyaway fur. Your dog or cat will love the feel of the glove on their coats!

Wouldn’t you rather cuddle up with a freshly bathed and brushed dog with clean, shiny teeth? We know we would, so keep these grooming tips in mind when you want to keep your pet healthy and happy!

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