WOW Toys Adventure Playmat Review

Now that Erin is at nursery 3 days a week I am finding that she plays quite differently than she used to. I love how going to nursery has made Erin so much more imaginative and creative but this has also meant having to learn how to play with her in new ways. We were recently sent the WOW Toys Adventure Playmat and I couldn’t wait to show Erin.

WOW Toys Adventure Playmat

The playmat is really quite large so you need a decent sized clear space for it. Luckily though, the WOW Toys Adventure Playmat comes rolled up in a plastic case. Children’s toys can really take over your house so it’s really important to me to find toys that I can store somewhere nicely. If the mat isn’t being played with it can be rolled up and stored safely out of the way somewhere.

WOW Toys Adventure Playmat

As soon as I showed the playmat to Erin she was very excited. The mat has a large road going right through the middle and across to some of the sides. Surrounding the road are different scenes such as the beach, shops and even a farm!

WOW Toys Adventure Playmat

Although Erin didn’t really know what the mat for to start with we soon got some toy cars out and started to explore. Erin was really interested to discover each section and to see what she knew and what she didn’t. We’ve recently been explaining to Erin that we’re going on holiday soon so one of the first things she picked out.

WOW Toys Adventure Playmat

When you’re looking for toys for toddlers something to look out for is how they can be cleaned. The WOW Toys Adventure Playmat can be wiped clean even though it is made from a soft fleece materian. The mat also has a rubber, non-slip back which makes it pretty perfect for toddlers who are super active.

The WOW Toys Adventure Playmat has so much going on which means it will be played with for a very long time. As Erin grows, the way she plays with the mat will change and I love that so much can be done with it.

You can buy the Adventure Playmat on Amazon.

Disclaimer: We received this product for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own. 

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