2018 Family Goals: Quarterly Update 1

2018 Family Goals: Quarterly Update 1

A couple of days ago you might have read the update for the blog goals I made this year. Well, I also made some family goals at the beginning of the year and here is how I’ve been getting on.


Unfortunately, this goal has not gone well AT ALL! My sister moved in with us mid-December so right now she’s living in our spare bedroom. Before she moved in this was a bit of a dumping ground where I would keep everything I am trying to sell on Facebook. The metal shelving unit you can see in the picture below is usually where I keep everything so I can find it easily but now it’s sort of been overtaken.

I’m obviously really happy to have my sister staying with us for a while but not having great access to these things has made me slow down a bit with the selling.

House and Home

I have got NOTHING done at home. Nothing. Time and money seems to have gotten away from me this year already. Before Christmas we painted over the paint samples I had previously put there and I thought I had picked a colour. Now I’m not so sure.

John’s ‘room’ has had a bit of a clear out but only because I whinged about it being messy. I’m hoping to get in there after our holiday this month and get organised a bit more at least.

The bathroom also hasn’t been touched and I can’t see that happening this year now. Erin’s school fees are quite a lot as we don’t get funding for her yet (she’s 2) so we have a lot to pay out this year. Maybe next year when we’re not paying quite so much in school fees.

Family Time

Although I haven’t quite stuck to no working on Sundays like I had planned, I am happy to say that we have spent a bit more time as a family on the weekend when John has been home. John has worked quite a lot over the past couple of months due to the time of year and hasn’t been home for many Saturdays. So, when Sunday comes around I like John and Erin to have some time just the two of them which means me staying at home.

In just a couple of weeks we are going on holiday to Majorca for 7 night so at least we will all get some quality time together then.

Did you make any family goals this year? If you did, let me know how you’re getting on in the comments! 

2018 Family Goals: Quarterly Update 1

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