WOW Toys Pippa’s Princess Carriage Review

When it comes to toys Erin really loves playsets that come with little figures. She has a fantastic imagination and can spend hours getting the people to do different things and I love to watch her play. While she got a few sets for Christmas, I like to rotate her toys so she doesn’t get bored of them quickly. Recently we were sent the WOW Toys Pippa’s Princess Carriage for Erin to try!

WOW Toys Pippa's Princess Carriage Review

The set includes horse, carriage and two figures and costs £22.99. Pippa’s Princess Carriage is suitable for children aged 1 ½ – 5 years.

WOW Toys Pippa's Princess Carriage Review

Pippa’s Princess Carriage is a clear take on Cinderella’s carriage and it will be easily recognisable for anyone who knows the story. The carriage itself looks like a pink pumpkin and is pulled by a horse and driven by a frog sitting on the front!

The carriage opens up to reveal a magical mirror where Princess Pippa can see herself in a beautiful dress. There’s also a spot for Pippa to stand in at the front of the carriage, looking out as it’s being driven!

WOW Toys Pippa's Princess Carriage Review

What I really love about Pippa’s Princess Carriage is that it doesn’t need any batteries. I think this is the case with most products from Wow Toys as we haven’t had a toy yet that has needed batteries. Another thing I love is that there are no sharp edges or really small parts, which is what makes the toys so perfect for toddlers!

WOW Toys Pippa's Princess Carriage Review

The carriage has quite a lot of detail. As you can see in the picture above, there are spaces for Pippa’s shoes, hair brush and even her cat!

WOW Toys Pippa's Princess Carriage Review

Pippa’s Princess Carriage comes with two figures; Princess Pippa and her fairy godmother! Erin really enjoys making each of the characters climb the steps to get in the carriage and then goes on to give them a ride around the living room.

Pippa’s Princess Carriage is such a lovely play set and it’s really worth every penny. This isn’t a set that Erin will get bored quickly with either as there are loads of ways to play with it, especially as she gets older and her imagination changes.

isclaimer: We received this item for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. 

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