10 life-changing tips to deal with allergies

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With spring around the corner, spending time in the sun will be everyone’s priority. It’s natural to want to bask in the mild warmth of the season and admire how vibrant the colours are. But, these everyday activities cease to be a part of your reality if you’re sensitive to pollen and other spring elements. Allergies can cause a lot of discomforts and hinder your ability to be productive during the spring season. That’s why we’ve brought you these ten life-changing tips to make sure you never have to compromise on your spring experience. 


While most people wait until after facing severe symptoms to begin medication, experts recommend the opposite. Start taking your anti-allergy medication before your symptoms have begun to appear. They’ll be easier to manage because your immune system will already have had time to be prepared. Simple over-the-counter medicines such as Claritin will suffice for this purpose. 

A severe allergic reaction can happen anytime, and a medical emergency may not always be within reach, so it is highly recommended that you conveniently buy an EpiPen online. It is an auto-injectable device that can save your life in case of a severe allergic reaction called anaphylactic shock. A quick shot of EpiPen prevents the progression of a life-threatening allergic reaction; it causes constriction of blood vessels resulting in reduced swelling and increased blood pressure. Furthermore, it causes relaxation of the airways, making breathing possible. 

Invest in an air purifier:

An air purifier is designed to take away dust, pollen and other harmful particles from the air. It guarantees that the air inside is as safe as you need it to be. So, even if you have accidentally left a window open, the air purifier will do all it can to mitigate the harm. Investing in an air purifier will probably be the best choice you will make for your immune system. 

Clean out the washing machine:

Regularly showering and washing off your pillow covers and bedsheets is a must during this season. All these things can be carriers of allergen particles. Hence, they must be cleaned thoroughly. However, if you do not clean the washing machine you’re tossing these items into, it will become clogged with allergens. It can also quickly develop moulds. Hence, it would help if you made a note to clean the washing machine. 

Say goodbye to open windows:

For this period, your windows should open as scarcely as possible, especially at night. Pollen is most abundant around dawn and is likelier to fly through the window at night and before late morning. So, keeping the windows closed will prevent any excess pollen grains from invading your space. 

Make sure your cat is clean:

Animals tend to be a natural resting place for pollen grains. They can easily be transmitted through their hair. You can’t restrict your pets to indoors because they need their playtime to be happy and healthy. Instead, bathing your pets as often as possible during this season is the route you should go for. 

Get a nasal rinse:

In case the pollen grains have already stepped foot into your house, and you’re facing severe blockades in your sinus region, opt for a nasal rinse. It will help you drain out all the excess mucus and reduce the build-up in your passageways. However, some people can face a harmful reaction to such products, so you should always make sure to contact a pharmacist for your prescription.

Inhale some steam:

If the nasal rinse isn’t compelling enough, you can switch to steam or even try both side-by-side for better results. A simple steamer or a bowl filled with boiled water will do the trick. Just make sure to spend around 10 minutes inhaling the vapours, and you’ll be instantly relieved. 

Add herbs to the mix:

Herbal remedies go a long way, especially for allergy season. Some popular ones include stinging nettle leaves, which function very well as an anti-inflammatory agent. You can also have a mix of rosemary and other herbs to add flavour to your meals and gain a little immunity. 

Spice things up with turmeric:

Turmeric contains curcumin as an active ingredient. Curcumin is recognised for minimising the symptoms of an allergy attack. For instance, it helps battle the inflammation and irritation that occurs during an attack. Thus, adding turmeric to your everyday recipes will be quite beneficial. You can also add a spoonful into the water you boil for your steam since turmeric-infused steam is quite strong and effective.

Look into alternatives:

If you’ve been doing all of the above, but to no avail, then you should probably turn to a different method of immunotherapy. Allergy shots are a standard method nowadays, and they have been proved to be helpful. All you have to do is get your injections every once in a while according to your system’s needs, and it will be taken care of. 

Battling allergy season can seem like the most challenging job on the planet, but it gradually becomes more manageable with a little time and effort. The trick is to know what you’re sensitive to so you can avoid your triggers, and with these tips in mind, you’ll be off to enjoying the best of spring. 

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