2018 Family Goals Quarterly Update #2

2018 Family Goals Quarterly Update #2

How on Earth is it the end of June already? It felt like only 2 minutes ago that I was writing the first quarterly update for the goals I made at the beginning of the year. So, now that we’re 6 months into the year, here’s another update:

Family Time

We have been very lucky to have had 2 holidays since the last update. In April we went to Majorca for just over a week and then this month we went to Haven for a few nights. We have had plenty of quality family time together which has really been lovely. I still haven’t stuck to my no working on Sunday rule but I have been doing less than normal. This has only been possible because I’ve managed to get a little bit ahead with blog posts and as long as I keep that up, I can keep having a little bit of time off.

Our Family Holiday To Puerto Pollensa, Majorca


De-cluttering is actually going okay. Well, as okay can be when I still don’t have my spare bedroom to store everything. I did a local car boot sale in April not long before we went on holiday and got rid of a nice amount which also meant a bit of extra spending money. Since then I have sold a few bits and pieces on Facebook but I need to have a real sort out again.

My sister and her fiance are moving out in just a couple of week and I’ll have loads more space to really get things organised and get everything listed again on Facebook. I could do with starting over and this would be the perfect time.

Since the last update I have also managed to clear out under the stairs. This is something I have been meaning to do for months and months and it’s freed up a lot of space. I can now fit the spare pushchair and the hoover under the stairs instead of them taking up room elsewhere.

House and Home

We might not have managed to do anything that we set out to do at the beginning of the year but we have managed to do something. The living room is still white and it is still unpainted but I have managed to make it a bit nicer. I have 3 wonderful pictures up on the wall in the living room (post coming soon) and a gallery wall in the dining room. These rooms have a completely different feel to them now and I’m much happier with them than I was before.

Unfortunately, a broken cooker has meant that we really don’t have spare money at the moment to get anything else done so I think I’m putting the plans for the house on hold for a while now.

Gallery Wall

If you made goals this year I’d love to know how you’re getting on! 


2018 Family Goals Quarterly Update #2

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