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Making time to relax together as a couple

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When you become a family it’s easy to let time get away from you. Being so busy all of the time means that it’s hard to switch off sometimes. Both John and I are guilty of not taking enough time for ourselves and we certainly don’t take enough time as a couple.

Now that summer has finally arrived we are trying to make the most of being at home together as we’re not able to go out on an evening when Erin is in bed. The evenings are much lighter during the summer and it would be silly not to spend some time in our garden. Although it’s not exactly how we would want it yet, we do have plenty of space, quiet neighbours and a lovely area of decking with a table and chairs.

Marques De Caceres wines

After putting Erin to bed sometimes all we want to do is relax and not think about things like work the next day, how much laundry still needs to be done or what ironing needs doing. It can be all too easy to sit on the couch after a long day and put the TV on but spending real quality time together is really important. A nice way to relax together on a summer’s evening is with a glass of Marques De Caceres wine and some nice food. 

Marques De Caceres

John is a particular fan of red wine and was excited to try the Marques De Caceres Crianza along with some brand new wine glasses! From the first sip, John was impressed. He said the wine was smooth but fruity with a warming aftertaste. On a Sunday evening where we had nothing do to, this was a lovely way to spend our time after Erin was asleep. 

Marques De Caceres

While John prefers a glass, or two, of red, I would choose a white wine usually. During the warmer months I like my drinks to be cold and fruity so the Marques De Caceres white wines are great for making wine coolers! There are so many different ways to change up a white wine if you fancy something a little different. 

If you like your wine sweet and crisp the Marques de Caceres Blanco White has notes of pear and grapefruit so the addition of complimentary frozen fruit is a really easy way to make a different drink. Alternatively, if you’re entertaining adding some simple lemonade, lemon and limes to a Marques de Caceres Verdejo White is a quick and easy way to make a refreshing drink for your guests.

Marques De Caceres wine

Getting away from work, the TV, or any cleaning that might need doing and treating ourselves to a bottle of Marques de Caceres wine will help John and I to make sure we’re spending some time together away from everything else.

Please remember to drink responsibly.

All the wines are available to purchase from and are suitable for vegans.

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