4 Key Things to Remember When Having Vacation in Arab Emirates

4 Key Things to Remember When Having Vacation in Arab Emirates

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The United Arab Emirates is a pretty hospitable country for people from all over the world. The atmosphere of these places allows tourists to delve into oriental fairytales and relax. However, as in any other country, there are laws, rules, and habits that should be observed by all vacationers.

Today we will take a look at what clothes to pick with you, what rules are obligatory to follow and what cars are worth renting. Spoiler – it’s something luxury like https://renty.ae/cars/mercedes-g-class. All in all, feel free to rent a luxury car here: renting services are extremely developed in Dubai seeking to meet the demand for the best possible driving experience. 

Well, let’s delve into discovering fairy-tale country!

Take some warm clothes

Undoubtedly, the United Arab Emirates is a very hot country. However, in the winter months the temperature drops to +14-16 in the evening and at night. In this case, we recommend bringing a hoodie with you for evening walks.

Hot climate has one drawback – people inevitably sweat while walking outside and then chill in rooms with the air conditioning working at full strength. Thus, tourists catch colds quite often. And now, due to the massive fear of the coronavirus, getting a fever is very dangerous.

If you sneeze, you may not be allowed in or asked to leave the subway or any public place. Fortunately, there is no compulsory coronavirus test in the UAE right now. However, a person with SARS symptoms may be quarantined by DHA. They have the right to do so.

Therefore, if you sweat and enter an air-conditioned room, it’s better to wear a fresh shirt or a light sweater so that it doesn’t slip through.

What about transport?

In the UAE, there are ordinary buses and waterways, metro, and trams. However, most of the country’s guests use taxi services. Cars parked near hotels are slightly more expensive. Well, if the taxi is without a meter, then the price should be negotiated right away. By the way, girls are advised to sit in the back seat only.

Also, take a closer look at renting services. And don’t immediately get upset about the prices. In the rental companies, you can find a vehicle of any price category because the choice is extremely diverse in the Emirates. Whether you want to rent an awesome Mercedes В Class or something more economical like a Nissan Armada for the whole family, feel free to do your own rental research. Car rental services in Dubai are in great demand among tourists today, so the owners offer cars for any taste and color.

Prohibited substances and alcohol

Coming on vacation, all people want to try something new from gastronomy. And of course, alcohol is one of the temptations. But it’s worth remembering that you can buy alcoholic beverages only at the hotel. Especially if you are visiting the holy holiday of Ramadan. In the Sharjah Emirate, for example, alcohol isn’t sold anywhere at all. It’s worth mentioning, that it’s impossible to show up in the city in a state of alcoholic intoxication – you will be fined.

Separately, we should warn you on the import of psychotropic substances, drugs, and certain types of drugs into the OAE. You can get a strict prison term here. Also, among other things, it’s prohibited to import sharp objects, weapons, goods from Israel, and homemade food.

Some strict rules inside the country to follow

There are also rules for UAE residents. Failure to comply with these rules is followed by appropriate penalties, fines, and in special cases, it comes to court proceedings or even imprisonment.

So, in the United Arab Emirates, it’s quite easy to get a prison sentence for swearing, showing obscene gestures, or kissing in public places. The culture doesn’t allow this, which is quite acceptable, for example, in European countries. Therefore, if you don’t want problems, it’s better to live according to the local rules during the vacation.

Girls aren’t recommended to wander around the city alone despite the fact that the UAE is a safe country and even in the evening, you can walk here with total peace of mind. Also, it’s forbidden to walk the streets in vulgar clothes, and even more so, in a bathing suit.

There are many more small rules and prohibitions that you should learn when planning a vacation in the Emirates. It doesn’t matter if you are going to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or another city in another country – its traditions, customs, and rules should always be treated with respect and understanding. Then you can’t only have a good vacation, but also dispel some stereotypes that have developed among residents about the population of this region.

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