4 Ways Parental Controls Make the Internet Safer for Children

4 Ways Parental Controls Make the Internet Safer for Children

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Parents must ensure their children can live and thrive in a safe environment, protecting their wellbeing and development. Of course, this also applies to their online activity. That being said, keeping an eye on your child’s internet usage and ensuring their safety can be difficult at the best of times. 

However, a parental control app is one way to prevent your child from accessing inappropriate online content.

Today, we’ll look at ways these apps can make the internet safer for your children and cover some of the best features you should look out for.

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Which App Should You Choose?

There are many parent control apps on the market. However, you should always choose one that gives you a wide range of features, such as the MMGuardian parental control app

Key Features

  • Message and SMS monitoring: All parents should keep an eye on who their children talk to online and what conversations they are having. MMGuardian has messenger app tracking features, so you always know how your child interacts with others online. You can also use this feature to keep an eye on their
  • Time restrictions: Parents may want to choose how long their child spends on their device each day. MMGuardian lets you set a time limit, so your child does not spend all day online. However, they’ll still be able to make emergency calls.
  • Thorough reporting: MMGuardian also sends detailed reports to parents so they can follow their child’s online activities.
  • Complete control over accessible websites, apps, and browsers: MMGuardian gives parents the power to block and filter certain apps and websites with mature or violent content, protecting their children from inappropriate videos and images.
  • Safety alerts: MMGuardian will also send safety alerts to your phone if your child accidentally accesses any inappropriate content or if they receive messages that could constitute cyberbullying, violence, drugs, etc.
  • Phone tracker: One of MMGuardian’s most useful features is its location tracking function. If you are worried your child is somewhere they shouldn’t be, you can use your own device to track where they are on demand.
  • SMS and call blocking: If you do not want your child to speak to certain people, you can use the SMS and call blocking feature to block contacts and phone numbers.

4 Ways Parental Control Makes the Internet Safe for Your Children 

So, parental control apps make the internet safer for your child in various ways, including:

They protect children from inappropriate content 

Without parental controls, your child only needs to connect to the internet to see inappropriate online content for their age. Thanks to parent control apps, you filter access to adult content, shopping, gambling, violence, and more. In addition, the app monitors everything for you, so you don’t need to keep checking your child’s device for inappropriate websites. As a result, your child can safely explore the internet without feeling overshadowed.

Remember, children may find these websites accidentally, so don’t be too hard on them if they try to access something that isn’t appropriate.

Block apps that are not appropriate for kids

Certain apps, though appealing, are not suitable for children. For example, certain games, social media platforms, and dating apps have age restrictions. Any decent parental control service will allow you to choose which apps can be installed on your child’s device. Typically, parental control apps will restrict all apps until you approve them.

Balances activities and responsibilities while limiting digital screen time

The internet can be addictive for many people. In fact, most apps and services are made to entice users into spending as much time as possible using them. As a result, they can divert your child’s attention from responsibilities and more important activities like homework and getting enough sleep. 

Luckily, parental control apps let you set a health screen time limit, so your children don’t spend too long browsing the web or scrolling through social media. You can also use these apps to set a bedtime; children are supposed to get between nine and 11 hours of sleep per night. Otherwise, they risk developing depression and anxiety.

They protect your child from online threats

Parental controls also protect your children from online threats like phishing sites and malware viruses. Children may not notice online scams, dodgy URL links, and similar risks. Parental control apps usually offer antivirus protection and keep your family devices and networks free from cyber threats.

These are just a few of the ways parental controls protect your child online. If you want to ensure your child’s safety, these apps are a must-have tool moving forward.

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