5 Benefits Of Adding A Conservatory To Your Home

5 Benefits Of Adding A Conservatory To Your Home

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When we bought our house nearly 5 years ago we did so knowing that we had a bit of extra space outside and we might not actually need it all. We have a fairly nicely sized patio area to the side of our kitchen which follows on to a really large lawn. A lot of the time, the back end of our house doesn’t really work for us and while we can’t afford to extend, a conservatory could be a more affordable option. Here are 5 benefits of adding a conservatory to your home:

Increase the value of your home

Adding a conservatory to your home could help to increase the value. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed and the amount of value added could depend on the cost and size of your conservatory. You would also need to decide if an extra room is worth more than outdoor space. We are lucky that we have a lot of outdoor space and adding a conservatory wouldn’t decrease the garden by too much. Be sure to invest in a good roof though. Looking at www.projects4roofing.co.uk/ could be a great help, where you can see the different kinds that are available.

Add a much needed additional room

Sometimes the longer you live in a property the more you realise that the space just doesn’t work for you. Instead of selling up and moving somewhere else a conservatory could provide you with a much needed extra room. For us, Erin’s toys seem to take over a lot of the living room and dining room and we would love for her to have a dedicated play area. Alternatively, my office is currently in one of the upstairs bedrooms and having a conservatory would mean me being able to move back downstairs.

Natural light

Something I hate about the back end of our house is how dark it is. We have one small-ish window and a corner of a room that doesn’t really get any light at all. A conservatory, with it’s large windows, let in so much natural light. Being exposed to more natural light can improve your mood and being happier is always better. For me, I need natural light a lot when taking photos for work so this would be a huge benefit for me.

Enjoy the garden without going outside

I find sitting and looking out to the garden so relaxing and I love getting out there in the summer. However, in winter I hate going out in the cold but I also want to be able to relax as well. A conservatory will give you the space to be able to sit, relax and look out to your garden all year round. It would be a shame to have spent so much time on your garden and only be able to enjoy it for part of the year.

Somewhere to entertain

A conservatory can be a lovely room for entertaining. Instead of having to use your toy filled dining room where the table is covered in Play-Doh, crayon marks and stuck on food you could make your conservatory into a grown up space. Having friends and family over can be much more relaxing and fun if it’s time spent not covered in toys or any other of your children’s things!

Have you thought about adding a conservatory to your home before?


5 Benefits Of Adding A Conservatory To Your Home

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