The home improvements that could go wrong and how you can fix them

When we move into a new home, the chances are we are filled with big dreams and plans with what we want to do to the place. It’s natural to want to make the new house a home you can call your own. Somewhere that showcases the family personality. But a lot of the time these things start with the best intentions and can end up going horribly wrong.

7 home improvement’s that you should add to your list

When you buy a new home, then chances are you will have a big long list of home improvements you want to do. They may range from big to little tasks. It depends on the type of home you have just moved into. If it is brand new, you may find it’s just little changes that need to be made. If the house has been built for some time, you might have bigger things to tackle. Here are seven home improvements you should add to your list that might help make your house become a

A Buying Guide to Purchasing Patio Furniture Online

AD | Collaborative post Patio furniture is made for outdoor occasions such as having a barbecue party at the poolside or having dinner outdoors. This outdoor item is great for springtime and summer periods. Therefore during these periods, purchasing quality patio furniture might be expensive. This is because the demand is high, thereby, reducing supply. As a result of this market inflation, if you want to get patio furniture online at a low price, buy it after summer or before spring comes. It is normally on sale from August till late October. This is because

Home Improvement Plans For 2021

Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote about all of the things we got done around the house and in the garden over the last year. It has really got me in the mood to make some plans for 2021 and to think about some of the jobs that we might like to get done this year. Quotes, quotes and more quotes The thing about our house is that it’s old and needs loads of work doing to it. We haven’t been able to really afford to do anything until last year so now

Home Improvements We’ve Achieved This Year

John and I bought our house back in 2014 so we’ve lived here for quite some time now. When we moved in we got a couple of big jobs done but since I was pregnant in 2015 it’s been really slow going. 2020 was the first year in a while where I feel like we actually achieved something with the house and ticked off a couple of home improvement  jobs. Living room/ dining room carpet Right at the beginning of the year we decided to get a big job done in the living room and

Replacing Storage Heaters With Electric Radiators

When we moved into this house in 2014 we knew that there was quite a lot about it that we wanted to change. Actually, thinking about it, we probably wanted to change most of the house in some way or another. It definitely wasn’t ‘our’ house when we bought it. One of the worst things about the house though was the water and heating system. The boiler is one of those old massive tanks that need to heat up before you can use the hot water and the heating was all night storage heaters, something

Steps We’re Taking To Afford Home Improvements

AD | Paid collaboration We bought our home in April 2014 and since then we haven’t really done a lot to it. Between buying the house and having Erin we managed to re-do two bedrooms completely and some work to the garden but that’s it. We unfortunately came into financial difficulty for various reasons and have spent a few years now budgeting every penny and money being used for other things. Now though things have sorted themselves out a bit and we’re getting back on our feet again. The thing is, home improvements, especially in

What We’d Like To Do Around The House In 2020

AD | Collaborative post Our house isn’t in the best condition. In fact, it’s in pretty bad condition although definitely not as bad as it could be I guess. We bought our house in 2014 and we haven’t really been able to do much to it. We started off well, having a new garden fence and turf as well as having 2 bedrooms re-plastered with new skirting boards and doors. When I found out I was pregnant with Erin everything stopped. We ran out of money so we have had absolutely nothing else done since