5 Must-Haves for Holiday Travel with Baby

5 Must-Haves for Holiday Travel with Baby

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The holidays are upon us, which for some means travel. Time for a long weekend with your parents, Christmas dinner with your in-laws, a white elephant gift exchange with cousins, and everything in between.

Maybe you’re excited.

Maybe you’re dreading it. (Because let’s be real, families can be freaks sometimes.)

Whatever your sentiment on holiday travel, it’s inevitable that you’re going to have to pack (and if you’re anything like me, you’re packing for everyone in the family. Awesome, right?) 

I’ve got you, girl. Check out my top five must-haves for holiday travel with your baby!

1. A Pacifier Clip

Ah, the blessed pacifier. The real MVP – especially on vacation. Your baby’s whole environment is completely different,  and the pacifier will be needed more than ever.

A pacifier clip is the easiest way to keep that lifesaver close. All you have to do is clip it onto their onesie, or the strap on their car seat or stroller.

The key to a good pacifier clip? A super strong clip. Those little baby fists can be outrageously strong, so a strong hold is an absolute must. These pacifier clips from Babeehive Goods check off all the boxes. You’ll be singing their praises your whole trip.

2. A White Noise Machine

Trust me when I say, a white noise machine is going to save. Your. Sanity.

Here’s the thing about holiday travel: it’s not going to be quiet.

If you’re staying with family, they’re probably not used to having a sleeping baby in the house and will carry on with business as usual. On top of that, festivities will most likely carry on after your little one is asleep.

If you’re in a hotel, you and your whole family will all be in one room, and as much as you try to be quiet, as soon as your baby closes her eyes, guaranteed your toddler will accidentally close the bathroom door too hard and it’s time to start over.

All this to say, bring the white noise machine. It’s beyond worth it.

3. A Reliable Baby Carrier

Whatever you have on your agenda for your holiday travel, a good baby carrier is going to be a huge deal. Keep your baby happy, safe, and as close to you as possible? Yes please!

If you’re wanting the best baby carrier, make sure you’re looking for something with multiple carrying positions, and one that is safe for baby (I know that sounds obvious, but you would be surprised what’s out there!). This is the best baby carrier out there, I highly recommend it!

4. Lightweight (But Warm) Blankets

An extra layer for your baby is a must, especially if there are plans to go out for any sledding or sight seeing; hello, Christmas light displays!

Look for a blanket that will be easy to pack in the diaper bag, but that really provides some warmth and coverage. I know, I know. Those little muslin blankets work so well for travel, but they probably aren’t going to do the job if you’re going anywhere where it’s going to be under 65 degrees.

5. A Comfortable Nursing Dress

If you’re a nursing mama, you understand the true struggle of finding quality nursing clothes, and when you do find something that works, you want it in every color. Make sure you bring some good nursing items with you on your vacation!

Personally, Sweet Salt’s nursing dresses are going to be at the top of my list. Total coverage, and you can dress it up to go out or literally wear it to bed. SCORE.

Get ready for your holiday travels and don’t forget our five absolute musts for embarking on an  adventure with your little one. Happy holidays!

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