How to raise an environmentally conscious child

How to raise an environmentally conscious child

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Protecting the environment is our civic duty to give our children the future they deserve. With the effects of climate change looming, we must teach our children these lessons to help them too. We have teamed up with a pre prep school in Harrow to share advice on how to raise an environmentally conscious child.

Explore Nature

To help your child understand what is on the line when we harm the planet, explore nature by going on a nature trail or going on a trip to the coast. This can help your child to develop an admiration for nature and make them passionate about protecting it.

Have Fun Upcycling

Approximately 206.456 tonnes of textile waste is produced in the UK every year. That’s a staggering figure that could easily be reduced by giving old garments a bit of love and up-cycling them to create funky new outfits. This can get your child to exercise their creativity and tease the idea of a career in sustainable fashion. Upcycling can teach your child that we don’t need to be wasteful and that it’s much more fun to be creative instead.

Grow Your Own

Gas-guzzling lorries, ships and planes are needed to transport food to our plates with much of what we eat coming from over 1000 miles away. That is a whole lot of waste needed for a basic necessity that we need every day. To teach your child about protecting the environment you can grow your own as a family. This can help to reduce food energy consumption and help you to feed your child tasty nutritious meals. This can be a fun activity to do together and teach your child lessons on patience and responsibility.

How to Recycle (Properly)

Not many know how to recycle correctly as there’s not an awful lot of education on this. Unfortunately, while so many of us are making changes for the greater good and recycling, much of it is being thrown away due to contamination. 25% of all recycling in the UK cannot be processed as it has not been cleaned properly, leading to contamination of entire batches. To help your child be at the forefront of protecting the planet and be a good citizen, you can educate them on this matter and clean all recycling together before disposing of it.

Walk Where Possible

Walking promotes good health, mental wellbeing and does good to the planet too by reducing the harmful chemicals that are released into the atmosphere. These are carbon monoxides, nitric oxides and nitrogen oxides.


How to raise an environmentally conscious child

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