Winter activities the whole family will love

Winter activities the whole family will love

It is safe to say that when the leaves start falling off the trees and things feel crisper, it certainly is a sign that winter is on its way. While the weather may turn a little grim that doesn’t mean that the family can’t enjoy quality time together. Sure, you may have indulged in summer evening BBQs or things like paddling pool action. But Winter offers families a whole host of alternative ways to enjoy one another’s company. With that in mind, here are some of the best activities the whole family will love. 

Do you want to build a snowman?  

Snow is one of those things that we urge to arrive, love it when it’s falling, then curse it as it melts away. Snow can cause mayhem on the roads and the school run. So when the opportunity arises for a snow day or a bit of weekend fun one of the first things you should all do is build a snowman. It’s one of those childhood things that never grow old. Thanks to a well-known Disney film, there’s also a very catchy song you can sing while doing it. 

Let’s talk about Christmas for a second

I don’t want to be one of those people that mention Christmas too early, but as this is about Winter, it would be rude not to give this time of year a mention. Christmas is a lovely time to spend as a family. It’s about spending some quality time together. Many people think about holidaying at this time of year. So one thing you could consider would be to spend Christmas in a log cabin in Lapland. How magical would that be for the children? As it could coincide with a cheeky visit to see Santa before the big day. Not only would this kind of thing light up your child’s imagination, but for a parent, it can be something memorable to witness. 

Wrap up warm for a bit of geocaching 

Winter isn’t all about rain. Often you get cold and icy days that are just perfect for a winter hike as a family. Get outdoors in winter and try something new. One way to make the walk more interesting would be to try your hand at geocaching. All you need is a smartphone to download the app, and it will locate some geocaches in your area via your GPS signal. It also encourages you as a family to be more active, and it certainly deters the children away from other things like computer games. 

Learn some new indoor skills 

Of course, there will be days when you won’t get to enjoy the outdoors. So this would be a perfect chance to pass on some of your skills to your children, and make it a family activity at the same time. Perhaps you love baking and want to pass on that knowledge. Or you are a keen knitter, and you want to teach those skills. Cold, wet winter days are the perfect chance. 

Have a film day

Finally, on those wet days, another thing you could do is take the opportunity to relax as a family. An afternoon of films involving hot chocolate and snacks could be something the whole family will enjoy. While giving you and your partner some much-needed rest time. 

I hope this has inspired you for the winter months ahead. 


Winter activities the whole family will love

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