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5 Reasons Why Erin Will Always Be Super To Me!

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Our post a couple of days ago was all about rainy day activities for toddlers and one of the the items we featured were Hallmark’s Itty Bitty’s. Well, today we have some more to tell you about but in a very different way!

Itty Bitty’s have a brand new Super Girl range out comprising of Super Girl, Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Harley Quinn. Hallmark are celebrating the heroines out there and they asked me to write about what makes us super. Well, today I thought I’d talk about Erin.

I know that most parents will think that their children are amazing and of course, that’s exactly how I feel about Erin.


Erin is completely fearless and that amazes me. In May, Erin cut her head open on the fireplace but within minutes of me calming her down and the ambulance arriving, she wanted to go off and play again. The day that we got home from the hospital she immediately tried to climb again where she wasn’t allowed to be. I hope Erin keeps some of this fearlessness as she grows up.


In some ways, Erin is quite clingy when it comes to me. She loves a cuddle and is so happy to see me when I wake up in the morning. However, she is so independent and I love that she is. When it comes to getting a new toy she wants to figure it out all on her own. At the park, Erin wants to do everything on her own without any help. I can see how much of a strong willed girl she is going to grow up to be.


I have to say, I’m serious quite a lot of the time and John is the silly one in our family. I couldn’t be happier that Erin inherited this trait from him. She loves nothing more than to play with her Dad and laugh at him pulling silly faces and making up singing crazy songs for her.

Good Tempered

Erin has always been a pretty happy baby. As a newborn she only really cried a lot when she was either hungry or her reflux was bad. Although she is starting to throw the odd tantrum, which is only natural at her age, she’s such a happy child. She wakes up happy, plays happily and giggles a lot!


For someone who is only 19 months old, Erin is more thoughtful than I ever could have imagined her to be. Erin shares her food really nicely, so well in fact that sometimes she even puts it in your mouth for you. She will brush you hair because she thinks it will look nice. She will sit and rub your arm while watching cartoons. She will also give you a cuddle and kiss just because she wants to.

I’m sure Erin will give me so many more reasons to think she is super over the years!


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  1. Oh wow these look absolutely fab, Evie would love these! It sounds like Erin has many reasons why she’s super 😀 x

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