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5 Reasons To Invest In Antique Jewellery

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Growing up, I always remember looking my both my Mum and Nanna’s jewellery and loving how old it was. At the time, antique wasn’t a word that I knew or understood but I did know that these pieces of jewellery were not like the newer things I had seen in shops. Now that I’m 34, I have a much better understanding and appreciation for what some of those pieces of jewellery mean and where they came from. Today I want to talk a bit more about antique jewellery and why it’s a really good investment.


Although some antique jewellery can seem expensive, if bought instead of being passed down, the value differs to that of new pieces of jewellery. With antique pieces, you don’t lose value over the years as they are already ‘second hand’ rather than items going from new to used as they do now. Carus Jewellery is a great place to look if you are looking to invest in some beautiful antique jewellery.

Edwardian Peridot & Pearl Bangle
Edwardian Peridot & Pearl Bangle from Carus Jewellery


Only a couple of months after I had my engagement ring one of the diamonds fell out and I had to have it repaired. My engagement ring was bought new in a well-known jewellers and it wasn’t cheap. You don’t get these kinds of issues (as much) with antique jewellery. Jewellery used to take a lot longer to make and it took skill craftsmen hours and hours to create, meaning you get something of much better quality than if you bought new.

One of a kind

With high street jewellers selling mass produced items, you could be wearing the exact same thing as the person standing next to you. Antique jewellery was often made as one-off pieces so although you might find something similar, it would be very difficult to find a piece exactly the same as another. Investing in a unique piece of jewellery could make for a really special gift for someone, or for yourself!

With this in mind, antique diamond rings make really nice engagement or weddings rings because you won’t find anyone else wearing the same thing!

Ceylon Sapphire & Diamond Ring
Ceylon Sapphire & Diamond Ring from Carus Jewellery

A piece of history

Some people have a favourite period in history. For me, that is the Victorian era. If this is you, or maybe someone you know, then a piece of antique jewellery from that era is a very worthwhile investment. Different times in history have very different styles when it comes to jewellery and it could be really interesting to find out where your piece was made, the influence behind the design or maybe what was the trends during that time.

Family heirlooms

As I mentioned earlier, my family have a few pieces of jewellery that has been passed down over the years. My Nanna especially still has a few pieces that I know of. Things like this, that have been in a family for years have such great stories behind them and it’s a nice thing to pass down to others. I know a lot of people like to pass down rings for family to use for engagements and weddings.

Do you like antique jewellery? Do you have any of your own?


5 Reasons To Invest In Antique Jewellery

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