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5 Tips For Moving House With Children

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Moving can be a really stressful time no matter who you’re moving with or when. I think moving house is said to be one of the most stressful situations in an adult’s life and even more so if you are buying rather than renting. I have moved quite a few times since I was 18 and I can quite honestly say that buying our house was one of the most difficult times that I can remember and now that I’ve done it once, I don’t know that I would ever want to do it again.

We bought our house while it was just me and John but now that we have Erin, everything would be completely different. So, here are some tips for making moving house with children easier.

Packing Services

The last thing you want to be doing when you’ve got a child or children running around at home is spending hours and hours packing. Houses filled with boxes are an accident waiting to happen as well as never being able to remember where anything is. Moving companies can really help to make this part of a move so much easier and therefore, reducing the stress levels for everyone. Professionals know how to pack everything safely and quickly so you can be assured it will reach your new home safe and sound.

Prepare Them

Moving house is probably a bigger deal to your child than it is to you. If your child has one ever lived in one place and is quite young, they probably won’t understand what’s going on and why. Talking to your child before and during the moving process will really help to prepare them for what’s to come. Explaining what will happen will take some of the pressure off and give them something to recognise throughout the process.

Involve Them

There are a lot of ways in which you can involve your child in the moving process. Really, this all depends on the age of the child as older children will be able to help out a lot more. Taking your children to see the new house in advance is a great way of asking what they think and answering any questions they may have. If you are packing everything yourself then ask your children to help out. Even toddlers will be able to help pack up a few toys into a box or bag and it will help them to get used to the idea of moving.

Packing Plans

Regardless of if you or someone else is doing the packing, there are ways to make it an easier task.

If you are doing the packing then it would be wise to pack your child’s things last. This way, they don’t feel like their belongings have gone anywhere and they still have a lot of familiarity around them. In the same way, unpacking some of your child’s things first in the new house can help make them feel at home and more comfortable quickly.

If you are hiring a moving company then there are still things you can do with the packing. Instead of having your child at home while everything is being packed up then it might be a good idea to get some extra childcare, get a family member or friend to take them out for a day or have a play date and their friend’s house. Children can not only get in the way a bit but they can also get emotional at seeing their things being packed away and this could be a way to avoid that.

Make It Fun

Younger children especially don’t like it when things get too serious and boring and moving house can definitely be both of these things. I would have loved the idea of having an adventure in either an empty new house or empty old house. The possibilities are endless here and it could mean you end up getting a really special start or finish in your home!

Moving house is only as stressful as you make it and there are so many things you can do to make it easier for everyone.


moving house with children

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