5 Ways To Look After Eczema Prone Skin In Winter

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Having lived in Toronto for one of their worst winters back in 2007 I realised just how badly the weather can affect your skin. Although our winters are much milder than Canada’s, it can still take it’s toll on our skin and even more so if you’re prone to eczema. Erin has really sensitive skin and has eczema flare ups now and again so I thought I’d share some ways to look after eczema prone skin in winter.

A good diet

Although this is not a guaranteed way to have wonderful skin during winter having a good diet can certainly help. Certain foods can trigger outbreaks of the skin such as milk, wheat, peanuts or processed foods so cutting these out could help somewhat. Of course, you probably can’t cut out all triggers but having a better diet in general could stop or delay eczema coming back.


Along with a good diet looking after yourself in other ways is also really important. Stress and tension might not cause eczema or a flare up with it can help to make symptoms worse. Being calm and relaxed can really help so maybe try meditation and relaxation techniques if you’re experiencing skin issues.


I personally find that as soon as my skin gets dry I start to have problems. For some reason my legs seem to suffer the worst and the wind, along with the cold weather, really dries my skin out quickly. Keeping skin moisturised is a really important step to healthy winter skin and starting early is the way to go. Keeping your skin moisturised before winter can help to keep the eczema or dry skin away.

Natural remedies

Although moisturising is important, you should also look to stay away from products full of chemicals. These kinds of products can irritate your skin and cause break outs and reactions. Choosing a natural eczema remedy is a much easier way of keeping your skin in tip top condition during the winter months.

Natural oils, from somewhere like The Green Loom, such as coconut oil can help to reduce bacteria which in turn, can lower the chance of infection and inflammation. Using coconut oil is a great product to use as a preventative measure as well as for if your skin does get bad. Other natural products to help winter skin include sunflower, lavender and juniper oil.


If you are already experiencing an eczema flare up and your skin is in need of some help then it might be worth considering acupuncture. Although not a traditional way to help easy eczema, acupuncture uses pressure points to change the flow of energy in the body to help relieve eczema irritation and pain. Sometimes the usual methods don’t work so if this is something you experience, maybe it’s time to try something a little bit different.

Everyone’s skin is different but there are plenty of options for keeping your skin healthy and eczema free during the winter months. 


5 Ways To Look After Eczema Prone Skin In Winter

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