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Organising Erin’s Play Area With Maqio Storage Boxes

AD: We received products for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own. 

If you are anything like us, a family with a child or children , then you’ve probably got a storage problem. The problem for us is that while our house is a pretty decent size it’s quite awkward and really, it doesn’t work well for us a lot of the time. We definitely didn’t buy this house with children in mind and if we had, I don’t think we would have bought it!

Last month we made a big decision to move my office from the strange area in our living room/ dining room to the spare bedroom upstairs. Erin’s toys were taking over the house and it felt like there was no real separation of space. So, my massive desk went into a different room,  we sold a storage unit that didn’t really fit where it was and made Erin her own play area. One of the biggest issues we still faced was where to put Erin’s toys. The larger items were fine as they were, such as the play kitchen, but we also had piles of other toys that needed to go somewhere.

As we didn’t want to buy any more pieces of large furniture we knew that storage boxes were the way to go. Toy storage can end up looking really boring or if you use those see through boxes, the toys aren’t really ever away as you can always see what is inside. I recently discovered Maqio boxes though and they’re so fun and different and exactly what we needed for a toddler’s play area. Maqio’s storage boxes come in a variety of options and we were kindly sent products from the whole range!

Erin's play area

As we needed storage for Erin’s play area I decided to choose storage boxes in 2 fun designs. The designs on all of Maqio’s storage boxes are actually moulded to the box using In-Mould Labelling (IML) which means there are no stickers, no peeling and the design will never come off! With Erin being nearly 3, she is very into trying to pull or peel anything she can if she doesn’t know what it’s for so this gives me one less thing to worry about.

From the set of 4 storage boxes I chose the star design but there are plenty of others to choose from if this isn’t your kind of thing. I chose stars because I thought it would be a design that would be suitable for Erin for years to come and go in any room we need them to. In the set of 4 you get boxes in the following sizes: 22L, 10L, 5L and 1.5L. You can also buy the 22L box separately in the same design. 

Maqio star storage boxes

The 22L boxes are a great fit for my storage unit and the smaller boxes stack really nicely on top of one another or inside each other if you want to. The 22L boxes have handy carry handles and I think it would have been nice for the others to have this too just to make them easier to move around.

Maqio star storage boxes

Maqio star storage boxes

Pictured above is the 10L box and as you can see, we have used it for Erin’s large Play Doh collection. We have also used the 5L box for the Play Doh accessories. I love that the boxes come in various sizes so you can choose to use them in any way you want to but also, I love that these boxes keep the mess hidden away.

Maqio animal storage boxes

We also received a set of 5 storage boxes in an animal design but this one also comes in a zoo design as well. This set consists of boxes in the following sizes: 50L, 20L, 10L 5L and 2.5L. The 50L storage box is available to buy separately and we received an additional box in this size as well.

Maqio animal storage boxes

Something we’ve had a real problem with so far is where to put bigger play sets and some larger toys. These kinds of toys aren’t exactly something you can stack on top of each other and they’re also sets that have multiple pieces. Erin has a Happy Land set that has quite a lot of pieces and the 50L box has space for it all with some left over. The 50L box comes with wheels on the bottom too which makes it really easy to move from room to room depending on where Erin wants to play.

Maqio 50L storage box

I am so impressed with both the quality and the price of Maqio’s storage boxes and I already plan to buy some more of the 22L star boxes to fit on my storage unit. I have purposely left some of our boxes empty for now as Erin is getting a few things to fill them up for Christmas and her birthday in just a few weeks.


Organising Erin's Play Area With Maqio Storage Boxes

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