Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

AD | Contains gifted items Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away but there’s plenty of time to get a gift for your loved one. Today I’m sharing some ideas for things either myself or John would like. Do let me know which is your favourite or if you know someone who would like something!

Quick and easy ways to save money on your garden in 2022

AD | Collaborative post The new year is already upon us, and while the winter months are keeping us indoors and wrapped up tightly, the warmer summer weather will arrive sooner than expected, so it’s always a good time to start thinking about preparing your garden. 

5 UK holiday destinations you’ll love

AD | Collaborative post If you’re looking for a UK holiday destination that will please the whole family, look no further than Caravan Sleeps choice of favourite locations below. Each of these stunning areas has something unique to offer visitors, from family-friendly holiday parks and dramatic coastlines to charming villages and world-class attractions.  Let’s start exploring – you won’t be disappointed!

8 ways to help your young child with spellings

Spellings are something that your child may start coming home with when they hit a certain age in primary school. All schools are different and while some might send them home with a set of spellings each week to learn, other schools might integrate spelling practice within the lessons. No matter what happens, it is a good skill and habit to get into to help your child learn how to spell. Not only by remembering words but also by using the phonics sounds and recognising different spelling rules. There is no denying it, the English

Inspired ideas to help you declutter your home for good

With children and day-to-day life, it’s inevitable that our homes will not always be tidy and showhome worthy. When you have a family in some respects, you probably won’t want it to be either. However, general clutter around your home can often be one of the biggest reasons a home looks untidy or messy. Sometimes it’s worth investing time to do a little reorganisation and cleanse your home of the items you no longer need. With that in mind, here are a few inspired ideas to help you get started. 

10 ways to put yourself first in 2022

AD | Collaborative post The past couple of years have been hard for most people. Covid has changed all of our lives and still, two years later nothing is back to normal yet. It can be easy to look at caring more for the people around you but it’s so important to think about yourself. So, with that in mind, I wanted to share 10 ways to put yourself first in 2022.

The benefits of baking for you and your toddler

AD | Collaborative post Who doesn’t love baking with their toddler? When you bake together, you can include your child in the cooking process and teach them about science, maths, creativity and confidence. You’ll also be giving them a head start on eating healthy foods by replacing sugar-laden ingredients with fruit or vegetables! This blog post will explore the benefits of baking together for both you and your little one.

Giveaway: Richard Osman’s House of Games

Welcome to the first giveaway of the year! One of my favourite game shows on TV is Richard Osman’s House of Games and it’s something I watch every day that it’s on. I really love that there’s such a variety of rounds each day and there’s something challenging for everyone.There’s also a board game version and today I’m giving one of you the chance to win it for yourself!