Baby Born Comfort Seat

BABY born Comfort Seat Review

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When it comes to toys it’s hard to know what to buy for Erin that will last. Growing up as quickly as she is it’s sometimes a struggle to find things that she will play with for more than a couple of weeks at a time. However, something that has been a firm favourite for some time now is dolls. We have been super lucky to work with BABY born a few times in the past on their soft touch baby, brother and sister dolls and some amazing accessories.

Erin’s newest addition to play with is theย BABY born Comfort Seat*, something that Erin was very excited about when I gave it to her.

Baby Born Comfort Seat

Although the seat comes flat in the packaging Erin could tell straight away what it was and what it was for. The handle on the seat can either be folded back to make it more into a chair or it can be pulled upwards to make it into a carry seat. The handle moves quite easily to change the position but once there, it stays put quite well so you don’t need to worry about it moving while the doll is in it etc.

Baby Born Comfort Seat

Something Erin is very serious about is safety and she notices if her toys aren’t quite right. Once we had to email a company because they had a toy where someone rode a bike without a helmet and Erin knew this wasn’t safe. The BABY born Comfort Seat comes with a lovely safety harness, making sure the BABY born doll won’t fall out!

Baby Born Comfort Seat

The seat has quite a lot of room in it if you have one of the smaller dolls. The larger dolls do fit in too but there won’t be quite as much room for extras such as soft toys and things like Erin likes to put in there. As you can see, Erin’s ‘baby’ likes to have her cats with her at all times!

Baby Born Comfort Seat

It took Erin a little bit of time to get used to carrying the doll around in the seat in the carry position. The handle is Z shaped and actually quite easy to hold once you get the hang of it. Erin really enjoyed being able to move her doll from room to room while letting them have a little sleep. Another cute design feature is the little duck that hangs down like you would see on a mobile or a pram toy.

The BABY born Comfort Seat is such a great addition for any child who enjoys playing with dolls. As it fits the BABY born dolls up to 43cm it means that it can be used in plenty of different ways.ย 


Baby born Comfort Seat Review

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