Bonfire Night 2021: How to Keep Your Pet Safe

Bonfire Night 2021: How to Keep Your Pet Safe

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It’s the time of year we love, watching the beautiful colours light up the sky, standing with our loved ones eating toffee apples and creating memories. But it’s also the time of year our pets dread. Our once happy pets become traumatised wrecks. 

Unfortunately, many people let fireworks off before and after bonfire night, not just on the calendar date. So, how can we help keep our pets safe around bonfire night?

Low-noise fireworks 

Our pets’ senses are so much more sensitive than ours.

If you’re having your own display, why not purchase low noise fireworks? Talk to your neighbours and ask them if they would consider doing the same. Fireworks Kingdom, a Doncaster based fireworks supplier, stock silent, low-noise and quiet fireworks so that everyone can celebrate bonfire night whilst keeping their pet safe. 

Plan ahead 

As a part of your family you will of course want your pet to be as happy in your home as possible. Ask your neighbours whether they’ll be having a firework display so you can prepare. Find out about any local firework displays too. 

Introduce your pet to loud noises 

Play a desensitizing CD whilst comforting your pet. If they seem to be tolerating the noise, turn the volume up slightly. Only progress if your pet is calm. This can help desensitize your pet to the loud bangs.

Create a safe place

Provide your pet with a comfy area or den where they can go to feel safe. Place their bed and some blankets in the corner of the room with their favourite toys and something to chew.

If your pet decides to run off and hide – let them. If this helps them cope with the noise, leave them. 

If you have a small animal, provide them with extra bedding to bury in and keep safe. 


Stick on a movie, turn up the volume and snuggle up with your pet. You can even try a pet calming playlist. 

Be reassuring and happy to help them understand that nothing bad is going to happen. 

Play a game 

Distract your pet by playing with them, whether it’s hiding treats for them to find or playing tug of war, any kind of distraction will help. 

Exercise your pet

Take your pet for a walk and tire them out before the fireworks begin. Feed them as early as possible. 

Purchase a pheromone plug in

Pheromone plug-ins release scents that are calming for pets. We can’t smell them, only pets can. Pheromone plug-ins are available at most pet stores. 

Keep your pet indoors after dark 

Keep your pet indoors. Make sure all the windows and doors are closed to avoid your pet running away when scared. If you have a cat, make sure the cat flaps are locked and they’re safely indoors before dark. 

Make sure your pet is microchipped and has your contact details on their collar. 

If you have a rabbit or guinea pig in your garden, soundproof their hutch by covering it up and leaving a small hole for them to see, or better still, bring them in for the night. 

Talk to your vet

If your pet is extremely scared, contact your vet, they may be able to provide you with anxiety medication, but if nothing else, they can provide you with professional advice for your specific pet. 

Remember all of the family can enjoy bonfire night, including your furry friends. Keep your pet comfortable and make this bonfire night a happy one!

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