Bright Starts Lullaby Lagoon Rocker Napper

Something we got very early on in my pregnancy due to a gift from an extremely good friend was the Bright Starts Lullaby Lagoon Rocker Napper. Unfortunately, it had to sit upstairs in the nursery for months before we could use it. Erin is now 5 weeks old and it’s time we started playing with her a bit, keeping her awake a bit more between bottles and generally stimulating her senses.

The rocker was pretty easy to put together although there was two of us doing it. Most of the pieces, like the base and the actual chair slot together with ease and there is very little to get confused about or to struggle with. The one slightly tricky aspect to putting this rocker together is the canopy material which clips in around the sides, back and bottom. The clips are quite hard to press in and it’s not easy to see where they are supposed to go. I got some of them in wrong to start with and really had to pull at them to get them back out again to put them in properly.

One of the biggest pros to this product is that it is a rocker and can also work as a bassinet (until the baby is 20lb). The rocker converts from seat to bassinet very easily with the use of a clip at the very front. When the clip is pressed the seat pushes down into a nearly flat position. As this doesn’t go completely flat it’s not a good idea for a newborn baby to be in it for a very long period of time. The other easy change is from stationary chair to rocker. On the base right at the back is another clip which, when pressed, changes the function of the product.

The inside of the seat is really nice and padded, making it super comfortable for babies and the sides of the seat are made from mesh with an additional padded top. To make this even better for babies there is a padded head rest which has two different height settings and for safety babies are clipped in with a harness which you can alter to make it tighter.

I describe this as an all singing, all dancing kind of product. It does so much! Not only is it a chair, a rocker and a bassinet but it also entertains and soothes your baby. The  Bright Starts Lullaby Lagoon Rocker Napper hosts a whole range of features that make it special. The seat has a sort of hood which clips in at either side and provides a light show and two light reflective toys. The seat also has 11 different songs and sounds and it also vibrates. 

Overall this is a pretty great chair/ rocker but it’s not perfect. To start with it takes 3 C batteries which are quite expensive. I’m not sure how long they last yet either so if they drain quite quickly, it would make this even more expensive than it already is. Another downside is how bulky the chair is. It takes up quite a lot of space and is not easy to move around due to the fact there is no handle. Initially I thought the hood was a handle but it comes off too easily and cannot be completely fixed in.

This is no longer available on Amazon unless bought from a third party but I did find it available from Smyths for £79.99. While this is a great product, I certainly wouldn’t pay this price for it. Yes, it has some good features but it’s a pain to move around and there are certainly things that could be that little bit better.

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