Hauck Rapid 4s Pushchair Review

Erin is 3.5 but we still use a pushchair for her on a regular basis. As a non-driving family, we can’t expect Erin to walk as much or as far as we do. On days out, she gets really tired and sometimes wants a nap during the day and without the pushchair, this would just make things pretty impossible. Last month our old pushchair gave up on us as the wheels started to fall off and it became unusable. We needed a replacement and pretty quick. Thankfully we were able to order something from Amazon

Britax Holiday Pushchair Review

AD | Post contains gifted items As we are a family who don’t drive we have always had to rely on a pushchair for getting us around with Erin. We love to go away or on holiday but we absolutely hate taking a bigger pushchair with us. If we have to fold it up on the train or in a hotel room we need something as small and easy as possible. We were recently sent the Britax Holiday pushchair to try and here’s what we think of it: We have had a few pushchairs now

BRITAX B-Lite Pushchair Review

We have been using the same pushchair for around a year now and as much as I like it, it just isn’t perfect for us all of the time any more. Although Erin would try to walk everywhere, we do use the pushchair daily, especially now we have to the nursery runs on three days a week. As neither me or John drive we can’t really cope well with any large or heavy pushchair as I have to be able to get it through the front door, up steps etc. Although we do have a

Pushchair Envy

When we got the first pram/ pushchair for Erin, I didn’t pick it. It was an absolutely wonderful gift from friends. As a new and first time parent I had no idea what I would have been looking for anyway. However, I quickly realised that the pram wasn’t really suited for where we lived. It was really wide and heavy and didn’t fit through doorways very well. I wish I’d done some research early on and looked at a strollers article for inspiration and to find out what my options might have been. I soon decided