Caribbean escapes you just have to consider

Caribbean escapes you just have to consider

For some people, when they think about their next vacation something luxurious springs to mind. Picture white sandy beaches, glorious blue seas, and exotic cocktails sipped in the warm sun. Even if they are non-alcoholic fruity punches. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? There is one part of the world that ticks all the boxes for many avid travelers, and that is the Caribbean Islands. So I thought it would be a great idea to share with you a bit of insight into the most popular islands in this beautiful part of the world.


Some people travel to Jamaica for the extensive wildlife viewing opportunities. Others will head there for the diverse landscape of greenery and flora. Bird watching is an absolute must on this island with several different species of exotic birds dotting around the island itself. But some people simply come to this island for the beach vibe and the reggae music scene. There are some amazing accommodation options on this island, making it a vacation hotspot to be enjoyed by many.


When someone says Caribbean Islands, I guarantee that the word Barbados springs to mind. A Millionaire’s playground it’s the place to be when it comes to vacationing in style. However, you don’t have to be a millionaire anymore to head over to this wonderful island. There are accommodations and activities to suit all budgets. Most visitors love the vibe from the lively city of Bridgetown, which has historical references dating back to the 17th century.

St Vincent and Grenadines

With yacht-filled harbours and volcanic landscapes, St Vincent offers a great Caribbean experience. With one main island, and lots of private chic islands to explore there is a lot to experience, especially if you are a sailor. However, you won’t be disappointed by keeping your feet firmly on dry land. With many St. Vincent hotels and other accommodation types to choose from. The fabulous city of Kingstown offers you more of a tourist-style vacation. While heading out to explore your very own private beach, all is achievable here.

Dominican Republic

Famous for its golfing resorts and stunning beaches. Offering plenty of diverse accommodation options. The Dominican Republic could be the Caribbean Island perfect for your vacation. The terrain comprises of rainforest, savannah, and highlands. The perfect place for rest and relaxation. But it is also a popular choice for weddings amongst new couples. You can apply online for your Dominican Republic eticket at – this will ensure you have no problems when entering or leaving the country

St Lucia

St Lucia is widely known as the most beautiful island the Caribbean has to offer. It has long been a popular destination for couples mostly choosing to honeymoon in this paradise. I can definitely see the attraction with the white sandy beaches and the picturesque scenery. It is an island that is ready for tourism, so it has plenty of all-inclusive hotels and boutique hot spots to inspire you. It’s also famous for a jazz festival that takes place around springtime.

I hope this has inspired you to consider a vacation in the Caribbean Islands soon. Perhaps add one of them to your bucket list.


Caribbean escapes you just have to consider

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