Coping strategies when things feel too much as a parent

We are sold on the idea that being a parent is the best thing in the world, and of course, it is. We love our children. But one thing that isn’t talked about as much is feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed when parenting. After all, it is a lot of responsibility, right?

4 ways to stay calm during a toddler meltdown

When your baby becomes a toddler, you really start to notice some of the milestones they hit as they develop into a little person. Walking, babbling, and trying to communicate, as well as starting to show their personalities. However, as a toddler is still learning about who they are and their environment, one of the tricky things to handle as a parent is a toddler meltdown.

6 fun ways to craft with things you find outside

Crafting is something many children love to do, and it is a great way to get them off their technology and do something a little different. However, aside from the usual painting, colouring, and crafts sets you can buy, sometimes it is nice to get a little creative, and crafting with things you find outside can be a great way to help little ones use their imaginations. So here are some of the fun ways to craft with things you find outside. 

7 ways to help your young child with their reading

Reading is often something that many young children struggle with. You might find that when they start school it seems they are thrown in at the deep end, but there are things that you can do at home with your child to help them with their reading. It is important to make time to help them with this, the more you can do with your child, the more confident they will become. However, it isn’t necessarily about long periods of time, but more about how you help and what you do when you are trying

Staying safe as a new driver with a GPS tracker

AD | Collaborative post This year we had a huge change as a family and we bought our first car. John has been having lessons for around a year and is ready to take his test now. As a family with a young child, I want to make sure we are as safe as possible not only while on the road but making sure we know where the car is at all times.

How to raise a good team player

AD | Collaborative post Making a good team player is a crucial part of all children’s development, especially when a lot of their time in school relies on working in teams to complete tasks and building projects in lesson time. Extracurricular activities also rely heavily on working together as a team in order to reach overarching goals.

4 ways to get your kids to eat more vegetables

One of the hardest things parents find is getting their children to eat more vegetables. You have all of the best intentions when you begin weaning your baby. You offer different fruits and vegetables and lots of yummy home-cooked foods, but as they get older they become more aware of their opportunity to make decisions, and in some cases, start refusing foods or having the willingness to try new things. This can be so frustrating for parents. However, if you have a spirited child who is no longer wanting to embrace good foods then here

First time parent? Four ways you can prepare that you have control over

With a wonderful daughter, I can wholeheartedly admit that life changes when you become a parent. But the first time around, it can certainly be an emotional and overwhelming journey to embark on. You have no clue what to expect and how you are going to handle things, and often the best advice is just to take each day as it comes and follow that maternal instinct.