Little Helper FunPod Review

Having a toddler is hard work, especially when they want to get into absolutely everything. One of the biggest problems I’ve found is that Erin wants to be everywhere I am, even if that means that place being on the kitchen counter because I’m cooking. Obviously, Erin can’t sit on the kitchen counter because it’s not safe and there is way too much that she could get hold of that isn’t safe. When I saw the Little Helper FunPod months and months ago, I knew that I needed it. I bought our Little Helper FunPod on Amazon for

VonShef 1000w Food Processor Review

We’ve all got those jobs in the kitchen that annoy the hell out of us. I have loads! My biggest hatred though is spending loads of time preparing and cooking meals in the kitchen when I could be spending time with John and Erin. Recently I have been looking for ways to cut down on household chores and jobs so that I can spend time with my family. I have always wanted a food processor but it wasn’t until we got the VonShef 1000w food processor from that I really realised just how much

Space Saving Sink Equipment from Joseph Joseph

AD | Post contains gifted items Our Victorian semi is generally quite spacious. We have a lovely, big living room/ dining room with additional office space and 4 lovely sized bedrooms. The one room that is not at all like this though is our galley kitchen. We have very limited cupboard and counter space so every inch counts. I’ve recently been trying to declutter in an attempt to make the kitchen work better for us and Joseph Joseph helped us out! The pictures you see below are how my sink area used to look. I