Celebrating 5 Years Of Marriage

5 years ago, back in 2013, John and I were in Orlando, Florida getting ready to get married. When we originally booked our Florida holiday it was to celebrate me finishing university and for John’s 30th birthday and we definitely didn’t plan to get married there at the time. But, when wedding planning got harder and harder and neither of us could really decide on anything John came up with the idea of us getting married while we were away. It solved every single problem I was having with planning a wedding and getting married

Can A Marriage Survive Without Sex?

It’s no secret that my relationship with John has changed quite a lot since we had Erin. I have spoken about Erin’s horrendous birth and the trouble that came afterwards. I have spoken about the lack of support and having no one around to help in those early days as all of my family live away. I have also spoken about my desperate need to be sterilised and how the NHS has failed me in this desire. All of these things have changed both me and my relationship with John. Erin is now 21 months