4 Things That Can Help You Cope Better With Divorce

Collaborative post Divorce can be an upsetting and stressful time for all involved. Emotions are likely running high, and there can also be a lot of uncertainty about what’s to come. Most people don’t expect their marriage to end in divorce, so when it happens, it may come as a surprise that can be hard to deal with. While divorce can be a tricky time for you, it’s important to put yourself first to help you make it through. Here are 4 things that can help you cope better with divorce, leaving you feeling strong

Can A Marriage Survive Without Sex?

It’s no secret that my relationship with John has changed quite a lot since we had Erin. I have spoken about Erin’s horrendous birth and the trouble that came afterwards. I have spoken about the lack of support and having no one around to help in those early days as all of my family live away. I have also spoken about my desperate need to be sterilised and how the NHS has failed me in this desire. All of these things have changed both me and my relationship with John. Erin is now 21 months

Sterilisation: Failed By The NHS

Last month I was supposed to have my sterilisation procedure. After months and months of waiting, and being on a waiting list, I had finally been given an appointment. The 19th September was quickly approaching and while I was nervous, I was pretty excited about having something done I’d fought hard to have and also waited so long for. About 10 days before my procedure date I received a letter telling me that my appointment at the hospital was cancelled with barely any explanation why. With the gynecology department at the hospital being no help