Win An Elmer Book And Rattle Toy For World Book Day

AD | Gifted items World Book Day is just a couple of weeks away now and thanks to Rainbow Designs, we’re able to bring you a lovely review and giveaway. I always think that World Book Day is aimed more towards older, school aged children but we have always encouraged reading and looking at books with Erin since the day she was born. There is absolutely no reason why babies and small children should be left out of World Book Day and there are so many wonderful books that you could celebrate with. A favourite

Celebrating World Book Day With Matalan

AD – Gifted items.  Last year Erin was only 2 and hadn’t been at nursery for very long. I wasn’t prepared for any kind of World Book Day celebrations and I ended up with about a week to source a costume. I didn’t do a very good job and Erin ended up going to nursery as a black cat because it was all I could find in time. So many of Erin’s friends had wonderful costumes that were actually characters from books and I felt like I’d failed Erin somewhat. This year I was determined

World Book Day Fail

On 22nd February I found out that Erin’s nursery would also be taking part in World Book Day. Yes, that’s 1 week before World Book Day. I’m pretty crap at things like this anyway but to have pretty much no notice and no creativity whatsoever was not a good thing at all. Erin’s school wanted to do traditional fairy tales so that really narrows down options. That day after I picked Erin up from nursery we headed to Sainsbury’s to see what we could get her to wear. I’m not really a Disney princess fan so