Center Parcs Here We Come

Center Parcs Here We Come

Today were are officially heading off on our first family holiday. John, Erin and I have been away quite often over the past year but we haven’t been on an actual holiday. Today we’re going to Center Parcs Elveden Forest for 5 days with my sister and her fiance. I have been so excited about this for months.

Although we didn’t know this when we booked our holiday, Erin is now in a really big exploring kind of phase. She LOVES being outside and will be out in the garden regardless of the weather, if I let her! She loves nothing more than to be running around at the park or splashing in massive puddles and getting soaked. What better place to encourage adventure and exploration than a holiday in the woods!?

This is the first time any of us have been to Center Parcs and honestly, we don’t really know what to expect. We haven’t booked in too many activities because we want to make the most of what we have around us, the outdoors and also the free swimming! However, we do have archery booked in as well as a spa afternoon for me and my sister. I think I’m more excited about the spa right now than anything else. 3 hours of relaxation just sounds like heaven.

We have a couple of evening meals booked in but we’re hoping the weather stays fairly nice so that we can either have picnics or cook in our lodge. Eating out for every meal of every day makes holidays ridiculously expensive and we don’t want to do that! I don’t know which restaurant I’m excited about the most!

So, this week I will be posting as usual but I won’t be on social media quite as much. I’ll make sure to update Instagram regularly though!

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