Life on Earth: Planet Earth

Children’s Book Review: Life On Earth: Planet Earth

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Today’s book review is all about Life on Earth: Planet Earth by Heather Alexander. It can be purchased on Amazon* and there are other books available in the series. 

Life on Earth: Planet Earth

Life on Earth: Planet Earth is the perfect introduction to geography for 5+ year-olds.
Lift the flaps to find the answers to common questions, such as, ‘Why do we have day and night?’, ‘How are rivers made?’ and ‘What is the equator?’ With 100 questions and 70 flaps to lift, Life on Earth: Planet Earth provides the perfect way to keep engaged while learning.

Topics covered include the solar system, the continents, plants and animals, how maps work and world landmarks, among many more. Scientific details are turned into simple, bitesize facts that the reader lifts the flaps to discover.

Heather Alexander’s colourful illustrations make each fact memorable, and the sturdy, boardbook format means that even the most hands-on learners will have fun playing with the book day after day.
Perfect to read out loud to your toddler, or to let them explore on their own, Life on Earth: Planet Earth offers a simple, fun way into geography for little readers.

Life on Earth: Planet Earth

Erin hasn’t been at nursery now for over a month and no one really knows when schools will open again. We have been trying to do some things at home with her but as we’re not teachers we don’t really know what we’re doing so have turned to looking for other resources for help. Erin has been learning about planets and the Earth recently so we thought this book would really help us to add in some things we didn’t know before.

Life on Earth: Planet Earth

One of the great things about Life on Earth: Planet Earth is that there are lots of little bits of information and children won’t be too overwhelmed by it all. Each page has different sections in various colours which really breaks everything up nicely. There are also flaps on every page which is where you’ll find answers to the questions that have been asked. 

Life on Earth: Planet Earth

This book covers all sorts from the different continents, why there are different time zones as well as things like the weather. It’s really quite detailed but in lovely sized information bites for younger children. The book is also really well illustrated and it’s so bright and colourful throughout. I think this really helps children to be interested in what they are looking at and to ask questions about the pictures.


Children's Book Review: Life On Earth: Planet Earth

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